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Why is it called MinuteHack? Good question. The answer is this website used to do something that warranted the name - fast information for entrepreneurs, delivered in a no-nonsense fashion early in the morning. But a year or two after launch we thought, where's the fun in that?

Much better to create something elegant and flamboyant with lots of rich media and creativity. We still talk about (and to) entrepreneurial types, particularly those in the process of starting or growing a business, but also the really successful ones who know exactly how building a business is done.

We won't bore you with the details, as navigating through the website will tell you all you need to know, but suffice to say that MinuteHack aims to bring its audience the best in information, advice and inspiration from brilliant writers and credible business people.

If you would like to know more, click the contact link at the bottom of this page and shoot us a message, we're only too happy to talk about ourselves. is brought to you by the Black Heart Media Empire.

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