Gen X: Leave The Rat Race Behind And Work For Yourself

Whether you are interested in starting again from scratch, re-training into a new career, owning a franchise, or becoming a freelance consultant, this guide will show you why now is the time to take your career in hand, and how to mould it to get you the life you want.

You will find out whether you are suited to working for yourself; the options that are available to you; how to get things into motion as practically as possible; find out how other people put their ambitions into action; and, finally, walk away with an in-depth list of resources to help you on your way.

Five signs you should be working for yourself:

1. You see a better way to get things done - it’s blindingly obvious to you that A + B = C, but when you bring this up at work your suggestions are either overlooked or disregarded by your company.

2. You find yourself going off-script too often - frustrated, you can’t help yourself but deviate from the official script from time to time. But even if your deviation is a success, you get reprimanded from up above for not toeing the company line.

3. You love to get things going - you need change, variety and challenges to keep you stimulated and engaged. Otherwise your brain switches off and you slide into demotivated, snooze-cruise control.

4. Office politics isn’t your thing - you find bureaucracy, red tape and office politics frustrating at best, a gruelling punishment at worst. Sometimes you want to simply get things done, without jumping through all the hoops first or waiting a year (or more) for new ideas to be implemented.

5. You have the ‘Idea’ - it may be small, it may be large, but it’s persistent and won’t go away. And you know the ‘idea’ either won’t fit into your current place or work, or it’ll be ignored like all your previous ideas.

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Gen X: Leave The Rat Race Behind And Work For Yourself
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