Tax Optimisation Strategies For Your Business

As a contractor, consultant or small business owner you’ll be looking for ways to improve your bottom line; how to ensure more of the money you earn stays in your business and ultimately your pocket. Reducing your tax bill through effective expense management and optimising your tax exposure can reap substantial financial benefits in the long term.

This ebook is designed to give you hints and ideas to apply to your business; to reduce both your corporate tax exposure as well as reducing your personal tax bill. It’s aimed at existing contractors, consultants and small business owners but it is informative for newly formed limited company owners too.

It’s by no means an instructional manual, but we share the most common strategies as well as some advanced tax optimisation tips to help you find ways to minimise your tax bill. We’ll run through everything from good expense management techniques through to the more unusual ways you can ensure your tax liabilities are cut down to size.

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Tax Optimisation Strategies For Your Business
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