The Beginners' Guide To Starting A UK Business

The Beginners’ Guide to Starting a UK Business, created by Expert Market, will help you determine whether you have what it takes to be your own boss. It will also provide you with the basic information you need to get started.
Only you know your ideas and plans.

We aim to help you question your own assumptions about how to prioritise your tasks and use your available resources. We will also ensure you get started on the right track with access to helpful information, resources and expert advice.

The fact is anyone can become an entrepreneur. Each individual needs to determine the scale and ambition of their proposed business to be sure they have the right skills and resources available for their particular idea.

For example, the business skills, knowledge and capital required to start a small retail business are very different to those needed to open the first branch of a planned multi branch franchise.

Similarly, buying a franchise from a well-known brand with a proven business model requires a very different approach to starting a completely new business under an unknown brand name.

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The Beginners' Guide To Starting A UK Business
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