Unified Skills Policy For A Truly United Kingdom

As March 2019 draws closer, the need for a plan to optimise the UK’s labour markets and productivity on departure from the European Union becomes increasingly pressing. This provides an opportunity for governments, policy makers, regulators, employers and other key interest groups to act together to find the optimal recipe for a successful ‘post Brexit Britain’.

This White Paper is released on the one-year anniversary of the Energy & Utilities Skills Partnership’s strategy for power, water, gas and waste management and invites the key organisations that deliver the UK’s essential utility services and environmental infrastructure to come together.

The aim is to identify those areas that will negatively impact the resilience, affordability, efficiency and productivity of our human assets and make change happen. The resulting recommendations will provide a springboard for a prosperous post-Brexit future for UK plc.

For more information visit the Energy & Utilities Skills Partnership.

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Unified Skills Policy For A Truly United Kingdom
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