10 Different Ways To Earn Extra Money Long Term

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10 Different Ways To Earn Extra Money Long Term

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Having additional sources of money makes your income more diversified. These side hustles  come as preparation if anything happens to one or two of your different income streams.

By then, you would still be able to support yourself, and that, in turn, makes you feel more secure, confident, and not so stressed out.

Thanks to the advancements brought by technology and the Internet, doing side hustles to earn extra money  have become a lot easier and more convenient. Below are ten different ways to earn extra money for the long term that you can try:

Be A Beta Tester

Being a beta tester, your role is to help out a company or a business figure determine whether or not their website or application is legit and the user experience is pleasant.

What you do is visit the website or app, do a couple of tasks, speak your thoughts out loud, give your client an honest opinion about their website or app,  and, then, you get paid.

Join A Focus Group

Focus groups are basically groups of people doing some research on topics ranging from advertising, dining, technology, to shopping, among others. In this job, you can earn by meeting with the group either in person or virtually via webcam, and sharing your thoughts or opinions about the matter at hand.

Be a Youtuber

Being a YouTuber has proven over the past decade that it is a lucrative opportunity for the reason that YouTube is the only platform that pays its creators to produce content on their site.

You sign up, create your own channel, shoot videos about anything under the sun, then upload them. You really need not be an expert in order for you to be a YouTuber.

The earnings usually come from the advertisements on your video. Other ways to earn from YouTube are through affiliate marketing, creating your digital products, securing brand and/or sponsorship deals, etc.

Be An Online Content Writer

Online content writers work for different influencers, companies, and businesses that need content on their blogs, websites, or social media channels, among others.

This alternative way of earning extra money has a very high demand. And, you don't even need to be an expert writer or have a degree in English in order to qualify for this job. As long as you are a competent writer, whatever field of expertise you may have, then you can easily earn money from doing this side hustle.

Be A Medical Coder

You don't have to be a registered medical practitioner to do this. What you do is code any event that happens in the hospital, such as a surgery or a diagnosis. However, in order to qualify for this job, you need to get a certification.

Luckily, it is readily available. You can easily find all over the Internet courses that would help you become a certified medical coder.

Be A Transcriptionist

This particular job requires you to listen to either an audio or a video file and write down every single word sans any error. At most, you are paid 35 cents to 90 cents per audio minute. Of course, you’ll get paid more as you progress and gain more experience.

Be An Urbansitter

The days of watching over kids for free is now over. This side hustle is perfect for mothers who have small children or for those who have been into babysitting before.  Being an urbansitter, you have the opportunity to become a babysitter or a nanny and get paid.

This job could work while you are watching your children. You could look after other people's children and earn a couple extra bucks.

With this type of job, however, there is a list of strict trust and safety requirements you need to comply with as clients want to make sure they’re only hiring the best person to take care of their children while they’re away.

Be A Scooter Charger

Have you seen scooters nowadays in the big cities?  Now, this is where scooter chargers come in. What these people do is collect all those scooters and, obviously, charge them.

You can earn from $3 to $20 per scooter that you charge. It is an excellent option if you are trying to make a couple extra dollars on the weekend or in your spare time.

Be A Friend

Yes, you read it right. If you think you are friendly and get along well with anyone, this could be the best side hustle for you.

For example, if someone is new to the city and they want someone to accompany them to a sporting event, some skiing activity, a party, some hiking adventure, or whatever, they can actually hire you to be their friend for a  specific period of time.

Create A Paid Advertising Agency

This one is more like building a business. The idea is you would learn how to do paid advertising for different businesses.

Typically, what happens with a startup company or a newbie influencer is that they don't have enough following, so they don't have subscribers on their Youtube channel, or followers on Instagram or Facebook, and they are trying to build and gain some traffic.

This is where your advertising agency enters the narrative.

Earning extra money isn't just a way to make a few extra dollars a week, but also a way to protect your future and reach that financial independence. If you look at the right places, there are lots of opportunities you can grab if you want to supplement your current income. So. drop that half-heartedness aside and try the side hustles mentioned above.

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10 Different Ways To Earn Extra Money Long Term

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