Improving Staff Happiness In The Workplace

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Improving Staff Happiness In The Workplace

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Focusing your company’s efforts on staff happiness is important to the workplace and how it operates. Your staff have gone above and beyond for the company, so you should look at more ways to keep them happy. Here are some tips for improving staff happiness in the workplace:

Add To Their Benefits Package

With any company, they’re going to provide certain perks and benefits for their staff to either support them in their work or to offer them little extras to say thank you for the hard work. If you want to continue these rewards, it’s a good idea to look into what else you might be able to offer in terms of their benefits package.

Maybe you’re not currently offering anything other than the basics, but now you have the opportunity to offer more. If that’s the case, then think about what you could add-on. Gym memberships are often expensive, and so a good way of paying back and to encourage their health is offering discount gym prices.

Work with local gyms around the area to see if you can provide a business membership for your staff. Usually, you’ll need to fill a quota in order to qualify for the discount, but it’s definitely worth it to keep their mental and physical health active.

Look at little bonuses that you also might be able to add onto any packages and perhaps certain staff members who bring a lot more to the business than others. You can find plenty of employee benefits provider who can offer these perks for you.

Give Proper Training To Management Staff

Staff are always better when they have the training they need in order to get the best out of their job. When it comes to your management staff, though, they need to have the skills to manage a team effectively and with very few hiccups along the way.

Some people are meant to be managers, some can learn, but then you do have those who aren’t meant to manage. That might not be something you realize until it’s too late, but it can be worked on with the right amount of training.

If they don’t pull it out of the bag, then there is always further action that you can take. With management, staff will feel so much more confident if they have a good relationship with their boss. This is because any problems they do have, they can speak to their manager about it.

Ensure The Working Environment Is Presentable

The environment that your staff work in is important and if you’ve not put in enough care and attention to the office space, then you’ll find more of your staff aren’t going to be happy in the space they’re in. When your employees are spending the majority of their working week in the office, it has to be a pleasant space to work in, right?

Look at changing up the decor of the office and focus on the amount of natural light that you have come into the office. Think about adding color to the furnishings and even bringing some indoor plants to help brighten up the space.

The more positivity you can bring into the office, the better your staff will feel, and the productivity levels are likely to improve as well. Try to keep the office as clean and tidy as possible. Ensure all things that are lying about on the floor have been removed and that there are no tripping hazards around.

Encourage your staff to take control of their own work desk space and that there is plenty of space in order for that staff member to work comfortably. Look at how you can improve desk space if it seems to be an issue and solve any problems to do with the comfort level of the work desk.

A lot of staff who spend their time at a desk all day might end up hurting themselves if they’re cradling the phone constantly or looking awkwardly at a screen that’s at the wrong height. As a company, you’d be liable for this if you didn’t address it.

Ask For Feedback From Staff

Staff know the comings and goings of the office, something as a business owner, you might not see. So with that in mind, it’s good to have excellent communication with your staff. Have plenty of staff meetings and 1-2-1 sessions to find out about any problems within the workplace.

Use your staff as a sounding board to bounce off of when it comes to feedback on how the office can be run better.

It will be a nice thing to do every so often because it makes your staff feel more involved in the inner workings of the company and to create a space that’s there’s and not just under the ownership of the business.

Don’t ignore when concern has been raised and do what you can to fix issues as soon as they crop up.

Offer Remote/Flexible Working

One of the benefits that you can give your staff and which will certainly raise happiness levels is offering flexible working or remote working. Both of these give your staff members the opportunity to have more of a work-life balance.

Being able to offer the chance to work from home isn’t going to make it harder for your business to continue it’s productivity, as long as you give them all the tools they need to get on with the work.

Offering flexible work can help for those who have families or have other priorities like household issues where they may need to be in for a period of time during the day to wait for engineers etc. They’ll value and respect the business a lot more if this is offered.

Improving your staff happiness is only going to provide a more positive workspace, so try where you can to make a difference in the office and to create a more positive work environment.

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Improving Staff Happiness In The Workplace

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