Must Have Gadgets For Virtual Nomads

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Must Have Gadgets For Virtual Nomads

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As the weather starts getting colder, marking the beginning of winter, most of us adjust by using heaters, wearing furry coats, and drinking hot chocolate. However, a few people, referred to as Snowbirds, migrate to warmer areas.

The notion that normal people can just afford to uproot their lives to warmer locales might seem crazy, but not for digital nomads.

Digital nomads can, thanks to the widespread availability of the Internet globally, choose to have neither fixed office or home. They can travel around the world with their livelihoods in their backpacks.

With their countless experiences, the ultimate independence, to an extent, digital nomads live a life similar to the movie “Into the Wild.” And while it does come with a lot of unprecedented opportunities, it definitely takes a toll on certain measures like health insurance, work visas, and family ties.

With various possible hiccups in the seemingly perfect lifestyle, nomads must be able to rely on their tools for survival. Being a digital nomad you’ll find that there are various options and approaches for you to consider when stocking up on gadgets for your journey.

Here are some of the things we feel are essential for convenient nomadism. 

Noise cancellation

While this might seem like a trivial issue, in actuality it is one of the most important must-have on this checklist. Working on your commute, or your co-working space, or even your hotel room, can prove to be somewhat of an issue with efficiency.

Missing a deadline isn’t an option and you must be able to find a haven from every distraction out there. Enter noise canceling headphones.

Mpow H5

This over-ear, budget-friendly, noise-canceling headphones is a crowd favorite. Costing less than $50, with near flawless quality, this gadget is definitely a must-have.

Bose QC 35

Bose is, perhaps, and for valid reasons, amongst the most prominent earphone brands. The Quality Comfort set offers world-class noise cancellation to enrich the music and block out any annoyances in the workspace you’re in.

Plantronics BackBeat Pro 2

This gadget is packed with many foolproof ways to ensure the most efficient noise canceling experience. Though a bit pricey, you will come to realize it is due to its trusted and well-established brand name. It can be used both wirelessly or with an audio jack, adding to its appeal to the ultimate convenience seekers.

Ergonomic set up

With the majority of the time nomads having to be obliged to sit down and stare and type on their laptops for hours on end, one must find the best seating method to enable them to comfortably and efficiently get work done.

Sitting for hours on end at your desk in a wrong position will result in various avoidable issues. For starters, you could try to get the top of the screen to be level with your eyes and to get your elbows to meet the level of your keyboard.

There are various ingenious gadgets that are designed to help you maintain an ergonomic set-up.

Asus ZenScreen MB16AC

This sleek looking, USB connected gadget is a combination of different features. Though it might be pricey, this product is among the best portable monitors available on the market today. It gives its buyer a sense of security as it is one of the best reviewed gadgets in its category.

Gechic 1101P

This is another contender for the best portable monitor gadgets on this list. Though specifically aimed at the nomadic photographers out there,  it can also cater to all different people. It is one of the more budget friendly options on the market and with various available maintenance options, it’s definitely a must-have. 

TechNet Classic 2.4G Portable Mouse

Truly a household name when it comes to wireless mice. Its price along with its perfect size, is thought to be the reason behind this gadget’s immense success.

Microsoft’s RVF­-00052 Arc Touch Mouse

We couldn’t have compiled this list without adding this gem to it. It brings a certain sense of elegance and uniqueness that only few gadgets can come close to. It truly is devices like these that keep Microsoft at the throne of smart gadgets. Also, the fact that it’s portable deemed it as the ultimate must-have.

As a digital nomad, you are forced to overcome many obstacles to even start your lifestyle, and even more meticulous planning to be able to survive it. One of the surest ways to guarantee the smooth sailing of your digital nomadism is to check out some of the gadgets above. 

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Must Have Gadgets For Virtual Nomads

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