Pass The Microsoft 70-464 SQL Server Database Exam To Choose A DBA Career

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Pass The Microsoft 70-464 SQL Server Database Exam To Choose A DBA Career

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The Microsoft 70-464 certification exam is intended for those IT professionals and database experts who have to build, configure, and implement multiple Microsoft SQL Server Databases across their organizations. Additionally, this test helps the database-related professionals improve their career options and get salary hikes as well.

Through the Microsoft 70-464 exam, the IT professionals learn how to ensure higher levels of data availability and develop Microsoft SQL Server Databases. The certification provided after successfully passing the exam is always high in demand, and companies generally prefer to hirethe database professionals with this credential.

Skills measured in the Microsoft 70-464 exam

This Microsoft 70-464 test measures the database expert’s ability to successfully accomplish different types of technical tasks, such as the following:

  • Ensuring data integrity
  • Creating SQL Server database files and tables
  • Creating, planning, and optimizing several indexes
  • Successfully implementing views
  • Following different stored procedures and functions
  • Managing all transactions and locks
  • Designing, implementing, and troubleshooting security
  • Implement different programming objects
  • Designing and implementing different stored procedures
  • Creating and modifying constraints
  • Designing T-SQL table-valued functions and scalar functions
  • Capturing and analyzing execution plans

So, if you really want to pass the 70-464 exam at your first attempt, then you have to master the skills listed above. Try to cover and learn each major topic area of the test and keep improving your skills.

Details of the exam

The total number of questions in this exam is usually between 45 and 55, but Microsoft doesn’t officially publish any specific information regarding the actual number of questions, as it is not fixed and can be changed by the company.

Generally, the number of the questions depends on their difficulty. The Microsoft 70-464 exam often includes multiple-choice questions with one or more correct answers, but there might be some scenario-based ones as well. They are included with the purpose of evaluating the candidate’s actual capabilities and in-depth knowledge.

Microsoft keeps changing the pattern of the questions in order to collect helpful data for improving the overall quality of the exam. The passing score of the Microsoft 70-464 test is 700, you have to answer correctly at least 70% of the questions to receive the certificate.

The actual passing percentage of the exam varies according to the number of questions, their pattern and difficulty.It is worth noting that the candidates are not penalized for giving wrong answers, so you are encouraged to at least try to answer every question, as you might guess some of them. The time allocated for this certification exam is two hours.

Who can take the Microsoft 70-464 exam?

Though this certification test is intended for the database professionals, any IT professional is allowed to take it and become a certified SQL Server database developer.

The main line of work of such professionals is to build and implement SQL server databases for the organization, as well as ensure the data availability. As there are no strict prerequisites for taking the Microsoft 70-464 exam, anyone interested in working in the IT sphere can try to pass it.

If you have just finished your college and you are interested in working as an SQL Server database developer, then you should take this test without any hesitation.

The responsibilities that you would have to take care of as a database developer include creating multiple database files, creating data types and tables, planning and optimizing several indexes, implementing views, ensuring data integrity, and managing all the transactions and locks.

So, if you want to establish your future career as a Microsoft SQL Server database developer, then you should start your preparation for the exam!

Tips for passing the Microsoft 70-464 certification test

·         Keep yourself updated and check the official website frequently. First, make sure that you know the exam pattern and you are familiar with its content. The Developing Microsoft SQL Server Databases exam is designed for those database professionals who have relevant experience and want to improve their careers.

You should keep yourself updated by checking the official site of Microsoft frequently. In this way, you will be able to get the latest notifications regarding your specific chosen exam such as 70-464.

·         Review the exam objectives well. There are many sites that can help you in understanding the Microsoft 70-464 test objectives. Otherwise, you can do a thorough research on the topics that are covered in this exam.

You have to be really careful while researching and re-read the information multiple times. This will help you understand how you should start your preparation for the exam.

·         Pay attention to PrepAway exam dumps and practice questions. Here you can find the latest exam dumps containing all the answered questions from the previous Microsoft 70-464 tests.

Such brain-dumps will provide you with a series of the latest question, along with the correct answers. Believe it or not, but this is going to help you a lot. After you finish studying the exam topics, you should start taking practice tests, going through them multiple times.

The practice questions and answers will be helpful in several ways, such as helping you understand the exam pattern, managing your time limit, etc.

Download Free:

·         Watch online tutorial videos and master all the required skills for passing the exam. If you want to obtain the required skills for passing the 70-464 certification test, then you have to keep watching online videos.

You can check for the best tutorial videos on different online platforms. In these tutorial videos, you will see how the associated tasks are actually performed.


As passing the Microsoft 70-464 exam is not as easy as it may seem, you should get familiar with all the test topics thoroughly. Go through the exam objectives and try to understand them well.

If you need assistance, you can check out the reviews of the previous test takers and see what they have to say regarding their experience. Additionally, check these SQL server DBA interview questions. With a proper preparation, you can surely pass the exam smoothly!

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Pass The Microsoft 70-464 SQL Server Database Exam To Choose A DBA Career

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