Set Entry-Level Employees Up For Success

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Set Entry-Level Employees Up For Success

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The process of hiring new employees is stressful for the company as well as the entry-level employees who apply. The struggle continues even after you hire the best candidate.

According to a study, forty-six percent of newly-hired employees fail within eighteen months, and only nineteen percent achieve success [Training Company Leadership IQ]. It is, therefore, crucial that you employ strategic ideas such as using the best employee management software for entry-level employees.

To make sure your employees are set up for success, here are some excellent strategic ideas you should use in your business:

Holistic Orientation Sessions

HR managers should organize orientation sessions for newly-hired entry-level employees. However, most of these sessions are held to fulfill formality roles and only focus on parts, rather than the whole.

Newly employed workers often have a lot of questions about their new job and their new place of work. You should make sure to organize orientation sessions that will provide answers to these myriads of questions.

For a start, these are likely questions that providing solutions to will help guide your entry-level employees and set them up for success;

- What business is the company running?
- What are the company's visions and means to achieve these visions?
- What are the values of the company?
- How does the company level up against its competition?
- Why should employees care about the overall success of your company?
- Who is in charge of each operation in the business?

These and many more questions should not just be answered verbally. You should organize sessions that will enable newly hired entry-level employees to have a feel of what you want them to do.

Goal setting and performance tracking

Set goals and a means of tracking their progress. This tends to push employees beyond their limit to be better than their colleagues. In the same way, it brings out the best in them. A healthy competition improves performance.

New employees overall performance should be regularly monitored to ensure that they don't go out of line. This includes tracking employee schedules, attendance, tasks completed, failures, etc.

Excellent Welfare Packages

One of the most effective ways to set up your newly hired entry-level employees for success is to create an enabling environment for growth. Do this by providing top-notch welfare packages for them.

When companies fail to cater to the needs of their employees, especially when they have a terrible employee management software, entry-level employees become deterred and fail to grow individually. Entry-level employees need a lot of motivation to put in their best to work. This includes;

- Decent and timely payment
- Frequent pay rise
- Allowances and incentives etc.
- Also, incorporate other benefits to hires; this includes health insurance, retirement, death benefits, and leave entitlements.

The list goes on and on as they encourage workers to perform optimally. To save more cost and time, and to ensure flexibility, employee management software is the best option.

Mentorship Program

This is the part where most companies are found wanting. A lot of HR managers think that the curiosity of newly hired entry-level employees ends with the completion of the orientation exercise. This is untrue as frequent communication between employees and management is vital. This can be in the form of messaging or other innovative means.

Entry-level employees keep having new questions that require answers every day. For them to progress, it is advisable to link entry-level employees with executives in the company. This will allow entry-level employees to have easy access to solutions to problems bothering them.

A way to go about this is to use the organizational chart and match old, professional employees who are conversant with the business to new employees who just got into your company.

Another advantage this program has is that it solidifies bonds between your employees. Good teamwork makes working in the company efficient, and this sets up your entry-level employees for success.

Training Sessions and Professional Programs

There is a particular discussion between the CFO and CEO of a company that has gone viral. The chat goes like this;

CFO: What if we train our employees with our money and they get better and leave us?
CEO: What if we refuse to train them and they remain stagnant and stay with us?

The truth in the words of the CEO cannot be undermined. As a business owner or top executive hiring entry-level employees, you must ensure to invest in your employees. This can be done by organizing training sessions and sponsoring them for professional programs.

This will help make your entry-level employees get better at what they do and in the long run, become professionals. It’s not just enough to get an employee management software; you should also show interest in the growth of your employees. This will help set them up for success.

In all, the segment of the human resources in your business should not be taken with levity. Most importantly, give entry-level employees higher considerations in your employee management software.

This will ensure they settle into the business with ease and help them ad value to help the company grow. Remember the golden rule of karma also applies to business; what you sow in your entry-level employees, you reap in the growth of your business.

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Set Entry-Level Employees Up For Success

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