Unmasking The Secrets Of Becoming A Mystery Shopper

A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a Mystery Shopper 

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A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a Mystery Shopper 


Unmasking The Secrets Of Becoming A Mystery Shopper

A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a Mystery Shopper 

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A mystery shopper, known as a secret or undercover shopper, is a contract job aimed at helping companies improve customer satisfaction. The duties of a mystery shopper vary slightly between companies.

But generally, a mystery shopper visits a business pretending to be a customer to gain insights into how shoppers get treated or get the product or services in the business unit.

Applying for a mystery shopper jobs is easy if you are skilled in written and verbal communication, have acting abilities, have physical stamina, are detail-oriented, and can follow directions. There are many roadmaps to becoming a mystery shopper. So, if you want to enjoy the many perks of being a mystery shopper, keep reading as we unmask the secret.

  • Research and Identify Mystery Shopper

The first step to becoming a mystery shopper begins with thorough research. Many companies are looking for this service, so you must find a legitimate one to avoid getting scammed. In your research, you should:

  • Identify Reputable Agencies 

Leveraging an established job search website like Jooble is the best way to connect with a reputable agency hiring a mystery shopper on a company’s behalf. On this platform, you will find multiple vacancies for mystery shoppers across diverse industries. As such, you can choose to work as a mystery shopper in a field you’re most vast.

If you are interested in exploring other opportunities, you can also use Jooble to find various shopkeeper jobs in different sectors. This can be a great way to discover positions that align with your skills and preferences within the retail industry.

  • Understand the Requirements and Expectations

Importantly, before you apply to any mystery shopper vacancy, read and understand the requirements and expectations of the job. You can even take things further by researching the business in question. Understand what the business does and how it services its customers to help you assess its customer service.

  • Enhance Your Observational Skills

To excel as a mystery shopper, you must have keen observational skills. As a mystery shopper, you will assess every aspect of a business from a customer’s point of view. Hence, you need to put aside your emotions and provide objective assessments. 

  • Pay Attention to Details

As a mystery shopper, every detail counts. So, when you enter the business, you must start taking mental pictures of things. While paying attention to details, ensure you don’t give yourself away to your mission staff so as not to make them biased.

  • Learn to Make Objective and Detailed Reports

One of the many qualities of a good mystery shopper is being detail-oriented. When reviewing any business, ensure you back every comment with evidence. For example, notice employee name tags and mention specific names when writing your reports.

  • Apply and Get Started

While there are no specific qualifications to land a mystery shopping gig, you need a certain level of expertise. You can start applying for the job if you’re confident with your skill set. Before you sign up for any gig, ensure you do so at a reputable and legitimate site. Below are two tricks you can use to stay ahead of other applicants:

  • Submit Strong Applications to Multiple Companies

To increase your chances of landing a mystery shopper gig, it’s best to submit applications to multiple companies. Note that no legitimate company will ask you to pay to apply for a mystery shopper job. It also helps to provide basic information, such as what cities or regions you are willing to travel to for jobs. 

  • Be Prepared for Test Assignments or Interviews 

A test or an interview usually comes after submitting an application. The test is often a competency-based test that companies use to decide if you’re a perfect match for the job. And if you’re to go for an interview, remember your acting skills; they will give you an edge.

  • Be Professional and Reliable

Maintaining a professional and reliable demeanor at all times will help you excel in landing more mystery shopper gigs. Remember, each job is unique and comes with certain detailed instructions. Never assume you know everything and fail to read or abide by the instruction. 

  • Always Meet Deadlines and Follow Guidelines

When you’re given a destination and a timeline on which you are to assess a business, ensure you are on time. Visit the store when due, and get the necessary information from them. While visiting the store, you must follow the detailed instructions to get paid.

  • Protects Businesses Sensitive Information

Also, when business owners hire the service of a mystery shopper, they do so believing all information provided to them and gathered by you will be kept confidential. No business owner will appreciate having sensitive information about their business publicly. As such, you should always maintain anonymity at the business and even afterward.

  • Enjoy the Experience

Being a mystery shopper is an exhilarating experience. Everything is being paid for, including your travel expenses. Being a mystery shopper is an excellent way to explore the world. It’s an enjoyable experience if you can ensure consistently delivering well-put-together assessments.

  • Prepare and Submit a Detailed Report

When preparing the report you’ll submit to the business owner, ensure it’s well-detailed. Thinking of yourself as a business owner might help put things in perspective on how to compile your findings. Get all the documents in order, with evidence of each claim, then submit it for review. 

  • Use Feedback to Improve and Grow

The feedback you get after every gig is crucial as it helps you shift and adjust to deliver better results. So, always take constructive criticism well and always have the will to improve, and in no time, you’ll find yourself touring the world and assessing different businesses. 


Different people have different reasons for wanting to become a mystery shopper. Being a mystery shopper has many perks. It’s a fun experience and also offers a flexible work schedule. Consider it a side hustle or a full-time career, depending on your preference. But whatever the case might be, use the tips in this article to increase your odds of landing a gig every time.

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Unmasking The Secrets Of Becoming A Mystery Shopper

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