12 Best Wedding Party Favors To Delight Your Guests

Thinking of the perfect wedding party favors for your sweet guests? Check out these unique wedding favor ideas and tips.

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Thinking of the perfect wedding party favors for your sweet guests? Check out these unique wedding favor ideas and tips.


12 Best Wedding Party Favors To Delight Your Guests

Thinking of the perfect wedding party favors for your sweet guests? Check out these unique wedding favor ideas and tips.

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Wedding party favors are not mandatory, especially if you are working on a tight budget. But if you can afford it, this is one of the best ways to appreciate your guests. Guest favors are also a way to express your creative edge and be hands-on at your wedding. Also, you don't have to hoard these goodies until the wedding ends.

Opt for items that can aid them during the wedding week/weekend or reflect your destination. This gesture will serve as an unforgettable experience and souvenir for your guests. So, are you looking for top wedding favor ideas and inspiration? Check our list of blend coffee, bride boxes, custom flip flops, and more.

Wedding subscription boxes

Legend says that charity begins at home. So the first person that deserves a wedding favor is the bride. However, no wedding party favors supersede bridal box subscriptions. Plus if you get trusted brands like misstomrs, you are in for a beautiful experience. Miss to Mrs Bridal box bridal subscriptions are cheap wedding favors that guide you through wedding planning. With ten themed boxes and four tailored plans at your disposal, you're covered through all the wedding planning stages from the engagement to the honeymoon and beyond.

Also, these boxes are tailored to suit your wedding date, giving you an efficient and steady planning routine. With each wedding subscription box, you know what to do per time. They contain goodies like spa and beauty essentials, party and decor elements, fitness paraphernalia, planners, calendars, tips and inspiration, merch, jewelry, and more. By subscribing, you also gain access to the planning bundles that cost about $30, a community of brides, and hands-on planners. Wouldn't you rather opt for stress-free wedding planning?

Couple jar candles

Some of the sweetest guest gifts for weddings are scented jar candles. This favor idea can come customized with the couple’s initials or the guest’s name. They are also perfect relaxants for the wedding weekend or for when the guests get back home. If you are having a glam or modern wedding, incorporate some shiny bows on the jar. For a rustic wedding, cover a mason jar in embroidered burlap or tie string with ribbon.

Custom flip flops

Custom flip flops are small wedding favor ideas, especially for beach weddings where the sand is loose. Give your guests comfort by dropping baskets of flip-flops at the entrance so that they can walk and feel balanced. This gift is also great for guests who wear heels to weddings and need some relief, especially on the dance floor. Flip flops are practical gifts they will appreciate.

Personalized popcorn boxes

Ever heard of love like a movie? If you follow a movie-themed wedding, include popcorn in your wedding party favors. Popcorn is one of the best wedding table favors for the wedding reception, so get custom bags and place them next to your popcorn so that the guests can scoop them. You can go creative with the popcorn by infusing flavors from caramel to chocolate, milk, vanilla, and more. Guests would also like some snacks for the after-party and journey back home. So rest assured, the popcorn would be the toast of all guests.

Seed and mini pot wedding favors

Are you hosting a garden-themed wedding? Then a seed packet is a top wedding favor choice. Your guests would take them home and plant for the flowers to blossom, becoming a constant reminder of your big day. Package these seeds in custom packets and pair them with a mini pot.

Custom wine bottles

Who doesn't like a continuous celebration? Guests want to enjoy the party even after your wedding has ended. And one of the ways to accomplish this is by giving them wedding gifts like wine. Take it a step up by creating custom wine labels with the guest’s name, your wedding date, and initials so that the guest feels important. With their names on the wine bottles, you've given them a sentimental souvenir. Even if they exhaust the wine, they would likely repurpose the bottles.

Personalized matches

Wedding party favors like matches are multifunctional for lighting candles, cigars, and everything in between. Upgrade this unusual wedding favor by opting for fancy and personalized matchbooks to make them look more appealing. With the cute paper options available, this is one matchbox they'd never want to exhaust.

 Geometric planter

One of the best party favors for weddings is planters. If you are eco-friendly or have green thumbs, you want to do something that helps your guests’ gardens thrive. A planter or pot wedding favor is perfect. Simply go modern by playing with shapes instead of buying the regular round or square varieties. Go the extra mile by filling these planters or posts with herbs that your guests can use, succulents for aesthetics, or air plants.

Blend coffee beans

Nothing feels better than a good cup of brewed coffee in the morning. We know many of your guests would love it too. So add custom packs of coffee to their welcome package, dinner packs, and even goodbye favors. They would remember you for as long as they take it, and maybe beyond.

 Homemade favors

Some of the most heartfelt and meaningful favor ideas for weddings are homemade. If you come from a family with recipes or a love for cooking, opt for custom wedding party favors. You could make scented and unscented soaps, jams, or honey, depending on your capability. You can also work with your destination theme like giving olive oil from an Italian wedding or coffee beans from a Mexican wedding. These are fun favors that guests can eat on the go or enjoy in their homes for some time.

Custom sunscreen favor

Are you getting married in the summer? Are you having a tropical destination wedding? Then custom sunscreen is one of the most practical yet unusual wedding favours you can give the guests. Show your loved ones that you care by offering sunscreen with custom labels of your name and the destination. Opt for ones with metal links or handles so that guests won't lose them.

Exquisite luggage tags

Choose high-quality wedding favors like luggage tags for the guests. They need it for their return and other subsequent trips. Include your initials and their names with space for their basic information. Leather, rubber, and fabric are great materials to choose from.

We have curated some of the most interesting wedding party favors for your big day. The best part is that they are very affordable and sometimes cheap. So if you are looking for ideas, we have you covered regardless of the wedding style. From destination favors to homemade and generic, let this post inspire you.

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12 Best Wedding Party Favors To Delight Your Guests

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