How Omnichannel Fulfillment Can Grow Your Online Store

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How Omnichannel Fulfillment Can Grow Your Online Store

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Consumers love everything that’d make their shopping experience easy and seamless. If you could get a product that you really love wherever it's convenient for you, online would be great, right? Especially now when everything is digital, at a press of a button on your mobile device, you can quickly see where your parcel is in the fulfillment process. 

Omnichannel Fulfillment 101

Omnichannel fulfillment is a business strategy wherein companies use varied channels to distribute goods ordered by the customer regardless of which channel the customer bought the product from.

There’s no denying that consumers have become more impatient these days. When they want a particular product, they want to get their hands on them as soon as possible, especially for rare and hard-to-find merchandise. Consumers will do everything to get their hands on these products to have the bragging rights and post on their social media feed.

With omnichannel fulfillment, consumers can get what they ordered faster. The system can locate a store near the customer's proximity so they can pick it up there. Or you may also arrange it to deliver to a designated pickup location near them. If you're a business that wants to try this out, you may check They offer a distributed order management software that’ll ensure seamless order processing and fulfillment to keep your customers happy and satisfied.

If you want to grow your online store, omnichannel fulfillment is the path to take. Here are the ways it can help your business:

  1. Ensure Order Accuracy

With an omnichannel fulfillment approach, customers will only see what's available in the store and in what quantities the goods are available. And since everything is digital, there won't be manual entering of orders. With the correct integration of suitable applications, customers will be shown options of what goes well with the product they purchased, provided these are in stock in the warehouse.

The platform will only offer suggestions that make sense for the customers and intelligently bundle these products together. With this, customers will get the best accurate recommendations for their purchase, and only the right quantities and types will arrive at their doorstep.

  1. Manage Inventory To Satisfy Customer Needs

By seeing the product demands right on your computer screen, as the business manager, you can move inventory and allocate them to stores that’d need them—solving the dilemma of losing customers because of frustration from stockouts.

  1. Promote Customer Loyalty

In the digital world, while a customer is buying something, no one is there to assist them with their purchase and no one is discussing the features and benefits of a product. With omnichannel fulfillment, an adequately integrated app can ensure that the customers will have a great experience by ensuring that the system will offer them discounts on their purchases. 

Because of artificial intelligence, gathered customer data will be instrumental in determining their frequency, so necessary surprise discounts may be granted to them throughout the transaction cycle. This will make customers feel special and strengthen their loyalty to the brand.

  1. Improve Speed Of Service

The omnichannel fulfillment approach doesn't have to be warehouse-to-customer fulfillment only. The completion of an order can happen in a variety of ways:

  • store-to-customer
  • warehouse-to-store
  • store-to-store
  • customer-to-warehouse
  • warehouse-to-alternative pickup location
  • customer-to-store
  • or any combination of the above

When customers can freely choose how they want to receive the ordered items, they feel they have control and can adjust based on their convenience. And in some cases, the company can save on shipping costs, especially if the customer prefers to pick up their items in the store or a designated pickup location near them.

  1. Helps You Understand Your Customers

With omnichannel fulfillment, you can integrate an app that’ll allow the system to conduct a brief innovative survey to know your customer preferences and suggestions to improve your business. An integrated app can also show a dynamic heat map to show you exactly where your customers are coming from.

If you cater to customers worldwide, it’d be easy to determine which part of the world transactions are coming from and what time of day they usually make a purchase. This way, you can also help your digital marketers on when they should post their social media content to target your buyers at the exact time of day accurately.


With technology, you can do so many things. And growing your business today has never been more straightforward. The right tools will give you all the advantages you need to keep your customers happy and satisfied. With omnichannel fulfillment that has the right app integrations, your business can reach unprecedented profits.

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How Omnichannel Fulfillment Can Grow Your Online Store

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