A Cleaner Workplace Without Chemicals? Who Says It Can't Be Done?

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A Cleaner Workplace Without Chemicals? Who Says It Can't Be Done?

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We can’t afford to bury our heads in the sand any longer. We’re better informed than ever when it comes to the impact the choices we make (both as business owners and as consumers) have on the world around us.

It’s clear to see that businesses of all shapes and sizes are making a concerted effort to make their business practices more sustainable. These efforts are buoyed by demand from a new generation of consumers who put ethics and sustainability to the top of their priority list when it comes to the purchases they make.

Research shows that 73% of millennials are prepared to pay more for products that are made with ethics and sustainability in mind than they would for competing products that don’t.

All over the world businesses are trying to push towards a future that balances sustainable practices with long term growth. Here we’ll explore an  oft-overlooked way in which businesses of all shapes and sizes can make their operation more sustainable… By rethinking the materials they use to keep their workplaces clean.


What’s the point in only printing documents when you really need to and letting your employees work from home on Wednesdays when the cleaning products you use flush harmful chemicals like nitrogen, phosphorus and ammonia into your local environment?

Not only are chemical cleaning products potentially damaging to the environment, they usually come packaged in non-recyclable plastics.

Here we’ll look at some ways in which you can enjoy a clean, safe and hygienic workplace without damaging the environment…

Steam clean your carpets and upholstery

Nobody wants to show a potentially lucrative new client around the workplace and have them met with coffee stained upholstery and grubby carpets. But that doesn’t mean that you need to resort to the use of harsh chemical cleaners.

Invest in some steam cleaning apparatus from Steamaster and harness the natural cleaning power of steam to keep your workplace spotless without damaging the environment. It’s an investment that will keep paying for itself in the long run.

Eliminate coffee spills with club soda

A regular steam clean can help keep your carpets and upholstery looking good as new, but sometimes you just want to remove the stain from a coffee or tea spill quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

That’s why your refrigerator should always contain a bottle of club soda. Douse the spill with soda then gently scrub with a tea towel to remove the stain at zero cost to the environment.

Make windows spotless with vinegar

We all know that harnessing your workplace’s natural light can help boost the mood and productivity of the workforce. Why throw petty cash away on window cleaning products when making your own is quick, easy, effective and sustainable?

Simply fill a spray bottle with a solution of 50% water and 50% spirit vinegar. Some choose to add a dash of lemon too for a fresh and clean scent. Not only does this make your windows sparkle, it’s also a potent multi-surface cleaner that’s great for eliminating stains on desks and countertops or making computer monitors sparkle. .

De-nastify your breakroom’s microwave, naturally

Despite everyone’s best intentions, the humble breakroom microwave can quickly become an abomination to the eyes, pebbledashed with various forms of brown splatters. Fortunately, you don’t need to deploy chemical cleaners to de-nastify your microwave.

Lemon juice can be a surprisingly powerful tool in making your microwave spotless. Combine 1 part water with 8 parts lemon juice in a microwave safe bowl or jug and cook on a high power for 8 minutes.

The steam from the solution helps to loosen even stubborn particles of crusty dried food from your microwave interior. Once you hear that ping, the mucky residue will simply wipe off with a damp towel.

Quick, easy, cost effective and completely natural.

Make wooden surfaces gleam… With olive oil!

Wooden surfaces can lose their lustre over time, especially when polished with silicone based commercial cleaners. However, they can be restored quickly and easily with the judicious application of one of everyone’s favourite condiments. Olive oil applied with a clean cloth can then be buffed for a richer and more vibrant look that shines.

Use natural alternatives to plug-in air fresheners

Finally, nobody wants to work in a smelly workplace, but that doesn’t mean that you should have to resort to the use of potentially damaging sprays and plug-in air fresheners. Any of the following can freshen up your workspace;

  • Out an orange pierced with cloves on your desk
  • Feed lemon peel and ice cubes into your garbage disposal
  • Use essential oil diffusers at key points in the office
  • Use plants to oxygenate your workspace and breathe in nasty odours

With a little ingenuity you can enjoy a sparkling clean workplace while also taking an important step towards making your business more sustainable!

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A Cleaner Workplace Without Chemicals? Who Says It Can't Be Done?

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