Busting The Biggest Business Award Myths

There are plenty of good reasons to vie with your business peers for gongs.

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There are plenty of good reasons to vie with your business peers for gongs.


Busting The Biggest Business Award Myths

There are plenty of good reasons to vie with your business peers for gongs.

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Entering an award for the first time can be a daunting experience – most people would love to win one, but are not sure about the process.

They wonder how much time and effort it will take, what the judges want to see, and what the chances of winning are – i.e. Is it worth the effort?

Many business owners and small businesses dream of the profile they could create and look on in admiration at other award winners.

They wonder how they can achieve that success for themselves and their business. However they don’t know where to start or what they should include in their submission.

There are many myths that exist about business awards and within this article Denise O’Leary, author of WINNER – How to Win Business Awards, busts some of the biggest and explains how to consistently win business awards for your business and leverage the great PR opportunities they present.

Myth 1 – It is a fix – the winner is already decided…

This is probably the greatest entrant fear – that all the effort will be wasted as the outcome is already decided.

“They’re a fix” might be the retort of the loser, and it is true that not all awards are created equal. Some do depend on votes, some on attending an expensive dinner or buying advertising – check the rules of entry.

Look for ethical awards that have independent judging panels, see who has won in the past, is there a professional website or recognised sponsors?

Being aware of the judging process is your greatest asset – the longevity and professionalism of the awards should be a good indicator.

Myth 2 – I don’t have the time or money

This is about prioritising - Put award ceremonies in your marketing campaign, or your budget, and make the time and money available. Some are free to enter, but all will take effort!

Tailor your entries as each award is likely to be judged individually, so tackle each award independently. The entry criteria needs to be evaluated and matched against your individual and company attributes.

When trying to decide which award or category of an award to enter, you need to consider the relevance that the award can have to your business. If you have limited resources then target the one you really want.

Myth 3 - ‘It’s too much hassle.’

Yes it involves effort to do properly – but there are so many benefits to award winning that the reward outweighs the energy outlay! .

Take advantage of the marketing opportunity. You might get to make a speech, and you will likely get your photo taken.

You will have the chance to showcase your company and build brand awareness. Social media will be covered in pictures and posts about the event. Other people will help market your business.

Myth 4 - It’s a big drinking session.

It can be boozy if you choose it, but remember you are representing your business so it is still a school night! Enjoy yourself, have fun with your team, but don’t overdo it.

Award ceremonies provide the chance to network, influence, and meet with industry peers. It also provides a great opportunity to generate positive PR.

You can meet with the competition and understand what they are up to, but importantly you can find businesses to collaborate with.

Your win also acts as a benchmark – you can now hold yourself to a higher standard as there’s a level of expectation.

You have shown what you have achieved, you have evidenced this and set a new level of assurance in your business. Make sure you are remembered for all the right reasons.

Myth 5 - It’s just for show offs

Never mind the show offs. Make sure you showcase yourself. The recognition has many advantages – both from your peers that they recognise your achievements and also your team to show them that you are thankful for their contribution.

Use the award as an opportunity to spread your message. Send out a thank you to everybody who has supported you.

That is really powerful – not merely revelling in the win, but thanking everyone for helping contribute to the success. It sets you apart from your competition – it shows you care.

Award winning also helps you to recruit. The best people in your industry will want to work for the best business in the industry.

You deserve your win - wear your accolade with respectful pride.

About the author

Denise O’Leary is the founder of Purpol Marketing, a multi-award winner and professional bid writer, who has helped clients win opportunities valued at over £3.5bn.

Within her new book WINNER – How to Win Business Awards, where she shares her proven award-winning process, showing you how to find awards to enter, what evidence to gather and techniques for maximum entry standout.


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Busting The Biggest Business Award Myths

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