Enter A New Chapter: Finding Career Success After A Divorce

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Enter A New Chapter: Finding Career Success After A Divorce

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Divorce is often a stressful and complicated process, the fallout of which can have a significant impact on your career. But big changes aren’t always a bad thing. 

Many different aspects of your personal and professional life can impair your ability to work efficiently and productively — one of which is a divorce. In this post, we’ll discuss the effects of divorce and a few ways — from recognising the importance of recovery to taking the advice of your family lawyer — to enjoy career success in its aftermath. 

Take Enough Time off to Recover

“Recover” may sound a bit strong to some, but divorce has the potential to impact your physical and mental health. Therefore, it’s vital to recognise that a recovery period will do you a world of good.

The length of time you take off will depend on your state of mind as well as the nature of your divorce, but it’s always a good idea to be open with your employer/HR as the support they can provide is invaluable for getting back to where you need to be.

Failing to do so could make it look as though you lack motivation or are an unproductive employee.

Although an extended (or even short) period off work may not seem like a sensible career move, it’s crucial to prioritise the health and wellbeing of you and your family above all else.

Doing so affords you the necessary time put your finances in order and organise new living arrangements if you need to. But more importantly, it allows you to clear your head and reflect on what’s to come.

Feeling more relaxed in the workplace is hugely beneficial for your mindset at work as it encourages creativity, positivity and has a positive impact on the people around you.

Embrace the Next Chapter of Your Life

The end of any relationship can be tough to deal with, but the additional complexities of divorce have long-lasting effects. Naturally, the negatives will spring to mind first, but divorce is also an ideal time to start fresh and embrace a new chapter of your life.

While there’s no doubt this period can be daunting, divorce offers a unique sense of independence that can be a fantastic catalyst for creativity, motivation and urgency to succeed.

Whether you realised it at the time or not, your spouse can often be responsible for a lot of the negativity and anxiety in your life, as well as a distinct lack of confidence — which is detrimental to your day-to-day life as well as your career.

So with this in mind, post-divorce life is a brilliant opportunity to address some of the issues you feel hold you back, then return to work with a rejuvenated and motivated mindset.

Gaining or rediscovering a feeling of self-belief and motivation is a very powerful thing. So your divorce may be exactly what you needed to unlock your creative or entrepreneurial spirit and find career success.

If you’re looking for inspiration or proof in this regard, a quick Google search will provide you with plenty of success stories and entrepreneur articles that discuss the concept of picking yourself up after a divorce and achieving your goals. 

Take Advantage of Your Family Lawyer’s Advice and Guidance

To some, a family lawyer may appear to be a necessity for navigating the divorce process and achieving a financial resolution that’s reasonable — which of course they are.

But it’s crucial to make the most of the time you spend communicating with them, as they are a fountain of knowledge and can draw from their experience to provide sound guidance and advice.

This doesn’t mean you should request a consultation every time you require some motivation or career advice. But taking note of the knowledge gained relating to property, finances or any legal matters throughout your divorce will prove to be invaluable.

So, how will some legal advice make you a new-age Captain of Industry? Well, it won’t — not directly at least.

But absorbing the wisdom of a top divorce lawyer will benefit you greatly outside of work as it can help you deal with many of the issues divorcees face — granting you the freedom and headspace to focus on your career without any unnecessary stress or distractions.

KMJ Solicitors is a London-based bespoke family law firm. Their team of top family lawyers use their wealth of skills and knowledge to help clients resolve family law matters such as divorce, prenuptial agreements, child law and separations.

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Enter A New Chapter: Finding Career Success After A Divorce

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