Fostering Brand Loyalty With Neural Machine Translation

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Fostering Brand Loyalty With Neural Machine Translation

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Today consumers are growing increasingly demanding with more information at their fingertips, and at quicker speeds than ever before. Providing a truly memorable and unique customer experience (CX) has subsequently become the holy grail for brands and marketers.

Fundamental to providing such an experience is a brand’s ability to speak their customers’ language.

After all, in the digital sphere it is the CX that differentiates brands from one another, rather than the products or services that those brands offer.

Don’t take loyalty for granted

Bad CX not only increases customer churn, but runs the risk of turning off new or potential customers for good. In today’s market, where brand loyalty is no longer a given, it has never been more important to focus on those aspects that define the experience that customers want, demand and expect from global brands in their local market.

This is where the latest advances in Neural Machine Translation (NMT), combined with a deep understanding of the local cultural nuances, differences and norms or rules of etiquette, can really help brands to connect with, and grow, their global customer base.

Communicating in the language and manner in which your customers understand is of paramount importance. Yet too many brands fail to engage with new customers and grow the opportunities available to them in new markets, purely because they are failing to do this.

Great translation pleases demanding consumers

Translation is the key to satisfying the demands of consumers.

NMT, combined with a deep human understanding of such localised nuances, messaging and etiquette, is able to help brands speak directly to their staff, consumers or potential customers fluently, and in their own language. Accurate translation at high speeds, enables companies to address people in their own language, at every single brand touchpoint.

And with 75% of companies in a recent survey claiming that their top objective was to improve customer experience, it has never been more timely or necessary for businesses and brands to consider the value of investing in the latest Machine Translation technologies.

NMT is a fundamental part of ensuring that a good customer experience is built into the very cornerstone of your business or brand.

It uses the latest developments in linguistic artificial intelligence (AI), to allow companies to speak directly to their global workforces or customers, helping them to translate content around the world, at scale, in a matter of seconds. That’s a powerful proposition when you think about it.

And in doing so, it ensures that all business communications – whether internal email memos to the global workforce or external marketing messages on a website, email or mobile app – become far more relevant, accurate, personalised and effective.

NMT is fast, accurate and cost-effective

NMT helps to great quality localised content rapidly, securely and cost-effectively, helping speed up the time it takes for a brand’s content and marketing campaigns to reach the market.

And that’s why C-suite executives must understand its value as a central element in the broader business strategy.

High quality NMT helps businesses start to learn lots more about and automatically understand and respond to cultural and local nuances and differences in the rules and norms of etiquette.

The bottom line is this: it is vital that brands learn to combine the human element and NMT to provide consistently engaging and properly localised customer experiences across any global marketing campaign.

In doing so, you speak directly to your customers in the most personalised, accurate and relevant way possible, at every touchpoint and every time they engage with your business or brand.

And it is exactly this fostering of strong brand loyalty that is the long-term benefit of investing in the latest Neural Machine Translation technologies.

Mihai Vlad is VP AI & Machine Learning Solutions at SDL.

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Fostering Brand Loyalty With Neural Machine Translation

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