Is It Possible For Parents To Start A New Business During Lockdown?

How can you start a business while maintaining a work-life balance?

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How can you start a business while maintaining a work-life balance?


Is It Possible For Parents To Start A New Business During Lockdown?

How can you start a business while maintaining a work-life balance?

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Starting your own business at any time is no mean feat but combining it with life as a parent can feel like an ongoing struggle. Many business ventures are brought to life from a passion or skill which many may not utilise in their current job or because of a hectic family life.

But this doesn’t have to be the case and with many parents currently at home in self isolation, on furlough or sadly for some, on the receiving end of redundancy, now could be the perfect time to finally start  doing what you love.

In this article we explore the tips to help working parents embark on an exciting new journey into entrepreneurship, whilst  also maintaining that all important home life balance.

It won't be easy

I won’t sugar coat the fact that creating and growing a successful business alongside starting and raising a family is going to be hectic, particularly with schools still closed for a number of age groups.

It’s important to be realistic at this time by going in with your eyes wide open, keeping perspective of your goals whilst also recognising  the importance of maintaining quality family time.

Try not to put extra pressure on yourself to do everything at once, instead remind yourself that you are doing a great job and everyday you are building your business as well as supporting your family.

Maintain your USP

All businesses need to be based around an original or creative USP but in the midst of a hectic lifestyle and juggling family commitments, it can be easy to slip on your standards a little.

Aiming for perfection will always result in disappointment, but offering a lower standard of service than you aim to is equally dangerous for business development and growth.

Remember why you started your business in the first place, was it because you received a bad service and thought you could do better? Or are you bringing a passion to life such as baking or flower arranging?

Remember, whatever your challenges, your positivity and energy will get you noticed as well as your dedication to high quality products and services.

Utilise support

As a working parent, it is really  important to accept help and support in any way possible. It can be easy to feel proud, and when growing a business you might feel that you want to succeed on your own hard work and merit, but the fact is most businesses need support without even factoring in family life.

Family and friends will also be available for support so make sure you take them up on their offer, even if it is for a short break to go for a walk and clear your mind, as your mental health is just as important as your physical wellbeing.

Of equal importance is networking, in any line of business it is imperative to make connections within your industry, as you never know when you might be able to help or support each other.

Don’t be hard on yourself

In all successful businesses it is important in times of crisis to remain positive as this is the best way to work towards a solution. As a working parent there are two possible avenues for feelings of failure, as a businessperson and within your family life.

Time spent worrying will be a drain on your energy and focus, and procrastinating can so easily eat into your valuable family time. Learning how to deal with mistakes or upsets is part of business life.

Giving due thought to contingency plans is an important element of  any business operation but when you have family commitments running alongside this, being prepared for eventualities ahead of time will leave you feeling  more confident in the long run.

Focus on the future

As a working parent it is easy to feel guilty about the amount of time you spend in your business. But it is also important to remember the reasons you are doing it.

You will be able to earn an income from doing something you enjoy and are good at and in most cases you will be able to successfully run this around your family.

You are also doing it for your family, to help improve their quality of life and seeing your strong work ethic will help encourage them to follow their own dreams and ambitions as they grow older.

Starting a business is always a daunting experience, and these feelings are likely to be amplified during the coronavirus pandemic.

That said, despite the challenges and sadness that the virus outbreak has brought to families, businesses and communities, there are also opportunities for people to reconnect with the things which bring them joy and fulfillment. If you’re feeling the urge to follow your dreams and start a business, now could be the perfect time to put your plans into action.

Charlotte Baldwin is Operations Manager at IQ Cards

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Is It Possible For Parents To Start A New Business During Lockdown?

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