7 Tech Companies Striving To Keep You Work-Life Fit

There's plenty of new software that helps you get organised and productive.

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There's plenty of new software that helps you get organised and productive.


7 Tech Companies Striving To Keep You Work-Life Fit

There's plenty of new software that helps you get organised and productive.

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With National Work Life Week in full swing, employers and employees are given the chance to focus on wellbeing and work-life balance.

A big part of being work-life fit is bringing efficient behaviour into daily life to boost productivity so work can be at work, and the rest of the time, you have time to recharge and switch off. With a new wave of innovative technology - for both collaboration and management - entering the workplace, employers and employees who adopt these are able to achieve this balance.

Here are seven technology companies innovating in this space, creating tools, products and services which help employers help their employees to enable that healthy balance.


Founded in 2008 by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz and ex-Google-and-Facebook engineer Justin Rosenstein, Asana was created to help organisations manage work more effectively.

Since its inception, the company has accelerated in growth, with more than 35,000 paying customers and millions of team members across 192 countries.

Asana helps eliminate the need for pointless status meetings. It helps everyone across a business - no matter their location - understand what the plan is, who is responsible for certain tasks and what the status is.

By giving the team clarity on the overall direction of the business and how the work they are doing fits into that objective, this can help avoid common pitfalls and build a more productive team.


Prezi is the presentation platform that helps presenters connect more powerfully with their audience and customers.

Founded in 2009, Prezi now fosters a community of over 100 million users and, with offices in San Francisco, Budapest and Riga has attracted an impressive collection of investors including Accel Partners, Spectrum Equity, and TED conferences.

Unlike linear slides, Prezi’s single, interactive canvas encourages a flexible approach to presenting, building collaboration between the audience and the presenter. This means users can save countless hours by building a single presentation that can be delivered effectively to many different audiences.

By allowing the audience and presenter to choose where to go when, only relevant information can be shared without needing to skip back and forth between slides, causing eyes to glaze-over.

In fact, the ‘Zooming User Interface’ of Prezi was found in research by Harvard University to be more engaging, effective and persuasive than a traditional slide deck.


With so many distractions and possibilities in our digital lives, it’s easy to get scattered. Founded in 2007, RescueTime helps employees understand their daily habits by tracking their time spent on applications and websites, giving them an accurate picture of their day.

RescueTime not only gives intel but enables employees to take action - from blocking distracting websites, to setting alerts that tell them when they’ve spent more time on a task than planned - pushing users to set goals that help them stay focused and improve upon their productivity.

By giving a complete overview of how they spend their day, RescueTime helps users to spot inefficiencies and become better at managing their time.


Evernote is the app that helps professionals capture and prioritise ideas, projects, and to-do lists so that nothing falls through the cracks. This software platform manages everything: capturing ideas and inspiration in notes, voice and pictures - changing the way people turn their ideas into actions and helping teams work better together.

Founded in 2008, Evernote was created to address a growing problem that technology helped to create; how to succeed in a world of an ever-increasing volume and velocity of information. The purpose was to give people the time and freedom to focus on what truly matters by helping them to live more organised lives.

Now, with 8 billion notes, created by 225 million people worldwide, Evernote has become a platform for individuals and teams who want to turn their ideas into action and work better together - whether that’s at home or from the office.


Founded in 2009 by Stewart Butterfield and Cal Henderson, Slack is a global collaboration hub that makes people’s working lives simpler, more pleasant and more productive. From global Fortune 100 companies to corner markets, businesses and teams of every kind use Slack.

With over 8 million daily active users, teamwork in Slack happens online in channels which bring all the right people together with relevant information - meaning you don’t have to always be in the office.

Its integrations of over 1500 apps, including Asana, put all tools and services in one place to save time on flicking between programs - boosting productivity.

By making communication and finding what is needed faster, Slack helps people work together and collaborate as easily online as they would in person, fitting with their mantra “Word hard and go home”.

It encourages a company culture built on trust and morale by providing an open line of communication between leadership and other people in the company.

But Slack is keen to make sure that working from anywhere doesn’t mean professionals never switch off; Slack offers a solution by incorporating a ‘Do Not Disturb’ status into its platform.

By giving the power to snooze notifications for times the user specifies it enables professionals to take control in seeking a positive work/life balance.


Founded in 2008, Hootsuite is a social media management platform, created by Ryan Holmes. The system’s user interface takes the form of a dashboard enabling users to monitor all their social activity across networks - supporting social network integrations for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.

In 10 years, the company has more than 15 million users over 175 countries and has grown to near 1,000 staff members which are located in 13 places, such as Toronto and Mexico City.

Hootsuite not only lets you schedule posts, delegate social assignments to team members and measure performance, but also supports professionals in their journey to find prospects and even serve customers.

It ultimately helps people and brands do more with their social media and gives them the ability to schedule posts for when they’re not there - saving them from working out of hours.

And for those of you looking for a good work/life balance which you’re just not able to get at your current company, why not look for a role which does by using Adzuna’s smart tools to specifically seek that out?  


The London based tech start-up was founded in 2011 and brings millions of job adverts together to create a one-stop next-generation search engine to help people find their next job.

Adzuna.co.uk is recognised as one of the government’s Future Fifty and Sunday Times Tech Track 100 fastest-growing tech companies in Britain.

Growing from a start-up of just two (founders Andrew Hunter and Doug Munro) to a team of nearly 50 employees with a turnover of £12m and rising, it now operates in 16 countries and boasts over 10 million visitors per month.

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7 Tech Companies Striving To Keep You Work-Life Fit

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