Learning To Help People In A Selfish Age

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Learning To Help People In A Selfish Age

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We live in an age where we have to improve wellbeing on so many levels that we can focus inwards. While it's important to gain an understanding of holistic health, we've got to think about what we can do to spread the goodness around.

This isn't some preachy message to spread the love, but it's more about doing what you can to benefit the planet. Ultimately when we are so focused on our own development we can neglect everyone else's.

But what can we do to ensure that we instil a sense of support within ourselves which can help to support everybody else.

The Right Career

Even those massive entrepreneurs learn the importance of social support after a while. When we choose a career path that is focused inherently on money after a while we can realise the futility of this.

Choosing the right career is a shortcut to benefitting everyone else. Whether it's Bradley's online DNP program to become a healthcare practitioner or working your way up in a charitable organisation, the right career can reap dividends.

But we've got to remember that when we start on the career ladder in any charitable organisation, a lot of the office politics remain intact.

Granted, everybody is working towards a common goal but if your overarching goal is to help people, in the long run, this will likely offset any negativity towards the job. 

Get Involved On A Social Level

Social change is the essential construct for helping. We can have grand plans about changing the world but we have to remember that the best way to do it is to start on a social level.

As we are developing a social conscience, whether it's in a professional sense or a personal one, we have to remember that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. This means that we've got to focus on everything around us. It's one of the best ways to inspire change.

If you begin to help people within your immediate circumference and everybody was to follow suit, this means that everyone is taking care of their own patch which encourages change across the board.

The great thing about social change is that it's easy to get involved with. It doesn't require a huge amount of effort on your part.

Look at local organisations and see what can be done. Or if you are working in business, learning to find ways to give back that hasn’t already been done will be a good starting point.

Expand Your Knowledge

Learning to be resourceful is crucial. You need to know what you can do with your current skills to help but what you could also learn to make things go further.

Expanding your knowledge is essential and this means you must get into the habit of expanding your resources and your knowledge as you become more in tune with your beliefs. We have to remember that when we have a passion for something we are going to immerse ourselves in the cause.

Having a passion is the most important component because this is what will keep you going. When we want to figure out a way to be more supportive to minority groups or causes close to our hearts, we've got to keep the fires burning.

Share Resources

We don't necessarily have to be charitable in an obvious sense. The benefits of giving our time to others is just as important.Whatever industry we work in, if we can find ways to share our resources and understand what our skillset can do to benefit others, then we are already becoming charitable by our very nature.

Because we live in an age where we are almost expected to keep our cards close to our chest, if we start to share our resources and knowledge this will slowly start to spread a good samaritan ideology.

Share and share alike, and this will be the perfect way to start helping others. Ultimately, we have to lead by example. 

Learning to help others may seem like a very strange lesson in life. But it seems that now we're in an age where we are more inclined to look after ourselves. Because so many people are focused on their own wellbeing this can mean they end up with certain selfish habits.

We all have to focus on our wellbeing but if we are to make any considerable social change we got to focus on extending our reach outwards.

Learning to help people could very well be the equivalent of teaching your grandmother to suck eggs but when everybody is so busy and there's no time to give change to the homeless person on the street this is when we’ve truly got to look in the mirror and see what we've got to do to change our entire approach.

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Learning To Help People In A Selfish Age

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