Why That Inexperienced Candidate Might Make The Perfect Hire

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Why That Inexperienced Candidate Might Make The Perfect Hire

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Many business owners make the mistake of interviewing only experienced candidates for a job. Even if they do consider inexperienced candidates, it’s rare that they can look past the fact they have ever held a similar job before, and will usually go with a more experienced candidate even if they have a number of great qualities.

However, that inexperienced candidate could actually make the perfect hire. Read on to find out why:

They Will Be More Adaptable

You can usually rely on an inexperienced candidate to be more adaptable than somebody with experience. They tend to be open to new ways of doing things rather than stuck in bad habits from a similar role, so they are more easily trained to your way of doing things. This can be a huge advantage of going with somebody with little to no experience.

Potential To Bring Innovation To The Role

Somebody who does not have experience in the industry may also have a fresh way of looking at things. They might be able to look at things in a different light, and bring new ideas to the table just because they aren't bogged down with years in the industry.

Life Experience

Experience in a role may not be all that important, but you can look at their life experiences and think outside of the box instead. Many people will have life experience that aligns with the role they are going for, so perhaps you could design some questions around this, rather than job specific questions that won’t really give you an idea of the person’s ability or character.

A Healthy Mindset

A candidate should show a healthy mindset when they come for an interview. Be on the look out for self awareness, as this a great trait to have, and somebody with self awareness will be able to take a step back and look at a situation before reacting or responding. They can also analyse themselves more readily and tend to grow better as people.

The mindset of an explorer can be a big positive, too, so people who are curious, adaptable, and undaunted by the unknown will make great hires.

Depending on the nature of your work or what you need in a candidate, you might want to ensure they don’t have any underlying mental health issues that could affect the work - or that they are open about them, at least.

The Right Personality

The personality of your hire should suit your brand and company culture. It’s impossible to get a feel for this really unless you have them in for multiple interviews and perhaps even perform some basic tests to see what they can do in the work environment, so make sure you’re thorough.

It might be a good idea to have some of your best employees involved in the interview process, too, as they will be able to let you know whether they think this person is right for the job.

Along with the personality, it’s a good idea to do a Australian police check online to make sure they are who they say they are and that you won’t be making any mistakes by hiring this person.

Ensuring you’re hiring the right personalities for the workplace will minimize issues and conflict and ensure a harmonious working environment for the most part. This is why your company culture should be defined long before this.

They Have A Number Of Other Great Qualities

Perhaps the candidate has a number of other beneficial qualities that could be useful. They may have degrees and qualifications, and even if they are not directly related to the role, they can bring something new to the table and show that the candidate is skilled and knowledgeable in certain areas.

Communication skills are important, and other interview soft skills should be taken into account.

They Are Passionate About The Industry

Candidates should be passionate, or at least interested in the industry. You don’t want to hire somebody who is coming in for the paycheck and that alone.

They should care about what they are doing, and be motivated to be there. This is how you know you’re hiring somebody who will be doing the best they can by your business and your customers, and will provide quality service to whoever they come into contact with.

A lot of the time, an inexperienced candidate can make a better candidate than somebody with experience. It’s all about the potential you see in them and how well they fit into your company. Happy hiring!

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Why That Inexperienced Candidate Might Make The Perfect Hire

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