Effective Ways To Market Exhibition Stands And Attract Attendees

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Effective Ways To Market Exhibition Stands And Attract Attendees

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Tradeshows are fantastic for attracting prospective customers and building relationships with new and existing buyers. However, to get the desired results, it is not enough to have pop up stands for exhibitions and events.

You have to market your booth to entice attendees. With the fierce competition for attention from a limited number of visitors, breaking through the noise can be a daunting task. Luckily, we have you covered with sure-fire tips to catch the attention of valuable leads and generate steady traffic to your exhibition stand.

Promote the Event in Advance

Your marketing efforts have a significant impact on the number of visitors that visit your stand. Therefore, you should create a buzz weeks before the exhibition. You can send personalised emails to guests who have signed up for the event to introduce your brand and invite them to your stand.

Build up excitement towards the event by using the exhibition's hashtag in your social media pages. You can also drop hints of the exciting offers, freebies, and competitions you have lined up for the tradeshow.

This will entice more leads to your booth during the tradeshow. Depending on your budget, you can also advertise your exhibition stand in the trade publication. A short feature of your business and a mention of your products will increase curiosity among the attendees and entices leads to your booth.

Organise a Competition for the Attendees

Spending time explaining your products to attendees may not be the best idea for exhibitions where you are competing for attention. You need to engage your visitors and generate high-quality leads.

How do you ensure attendees are hooked to your stand? All you need to do is organise a competition. It could be a game, raffles, fun quizzes, or a social media photo competition.

The games will help you build a relationship with the attendees and encourage them to leave their contact information for follow-up after the event. You also do not need to give away pricey gifts to the winners, a product sample or a gift voucher will suffice.

Offer Free Wi-Fi

Whether the event is technology-focused or not, attendees need a reliable internet connection. With so many people in the same space, they can experience connection problems. Therefore, if you offer free Wi-Fi, you are guaranteed to win over a crowd of visitors. You can use that opportunity to generate leads and strike conversations.

Use Digital Graphics to Your Advantage

Digital graphics are an excellent way to gain the attention of attendees, but too much of it can be repulsive. To ensure the graphics are working to your advantage, you need to understand your audience.

You can also check out your competitor’s exhibits and look for creative ways to capture the attention of your audience. For instance, if your competition is going for flashy and eye-catching exhibitions, ensure your graphics are elegant and approachable.

Ensure Your Message Is Clear and Eye-Catching

You only have a few seconds to capture a visitor’s attention. That means your sales message should be clear. It would help if you also used the brand name and logos that the attendees are familiar with to increase brand recognition. A unique way to express your core values and brand identity is to create a lasting impression with your visitors.

Have Free Give-Aways

When giving away freebies, ensure the giveaways are memorable and relate to your brand. Many exhibitors spend a fortune on gifts only for the freebies to end up on the floor. However, if the gift is thoughtful and invaluable, an attendee will not leave it on their chair.

If you play your cards rights, tradeshows can give you plenty of clients and present the best chance to promote your brand. Aside from networking skills, it would help if you had an effective marketing plan to generate quality leads. The above tips will make your exhibition a success.

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Effective Ways To Market Exhibition Stands And Attract Attendees

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