Planning Tips For A Successful Team Retreat

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Planning Tips For A Successful Team Retreat

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There are all kinds of reasons as to why you should organise a company retreat for the people you work with. 

By being together, you will:

  • Have the opportunity to bond together.
  • Have the time and space to relax away from the work environment.
  • Have more time for staff training, and a neutral space to air any workplace issues.

A company retreat can also improve wellbeing in the workplace, as your colleagues should come back to work feeling refreshed, invigorated, and more able to manage the work that is set before them.

So, do consider the option and mark the time in your work calendar. And to ensure your retreat is a success, factor the following into your planning.

#1: Give your team plenty of notice

Especially if you have colleagues with families or other commitments on their time, you will need to choose a date for your retreat well in advance. This is especially true if you are making attendance mandatory.

Your team will then have time to manage their lives around the date you have set, and they will be less likely to stress out as a consequence.

#2: Involve your team in the planning

Not everybody will be thrilled at the prospect of a company retreat. Some people will dread the team bonding games you may have lined up, and others will be less than enthused about spending time with their colleagues outside of work hours.

However, the more you can involve your team in the planning, the better. This way, they will be able to offer up ideas for games and activities, and you might be able to adjust your programme in line with your team's requirements.

The prospect of a company retreat might then be less intolerable to those who don't enjoy such occasions.

#3: Book decent accommodation

Your team is likely to kick up a fuss if you suggest a camping retreat out in the wilds, despite your insistence that a survival weekend is just what you all need to bond together. Instead, treat the people you work with, and choose accommodation that will prove appealing to them.

Their enjoyment factor might increase if they have a comfortable bed to sleep in and catering facilities that don't involve wrestling with a camping stove out in the cold!

Clevedon Hall is a popular choice for all kinds of business events, due to the luxury accommodation and catering facilities available, so use that as your benchmark when choosing where to hold your retreat. 

#4: Don't over programme your event

Sure, you might need to slot in time for training workshops, vision meetings, and team building activities and the like, but don't overload your schedule with things to do.

The best moments on the retreat might be when your team have opportunities to relax, talk to each other about non-work related matters, and have fun away from a schedule.

It is at these moments that bonding will happen, and this will prove fruitful back in your workplace, as relationships will have been strengthened. So, think about this when planning your schedule, and incorporate plenty of time for breaks and downtime within it. 

The benefits of a company retreat are many,  but only if you have planned successfully. So, for the sake of your business and your team, consider our suggestions, and then look online for other ideas when planning your team event. 

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Planning Tips For A Successful Team Retreat

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