How To Make Your Side Hustle Work With Your Full-Time Job

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How To Make Your Side Hustle Work With Your Full-Time Job

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It has never been easier to set up a side hustle without having it interfere with your full-time job; advanced technology allows people to work for extra income as contract, freelance, or gig workers.

There are various side-hustle income streams from online work, entrepreneurship, house renting, running a shuttle service with your personal car in your spare time.

People go into side hustling for different reasons, whether it’s to meet overcommitted financial obligations, save up to start a business you’ve always wanted, to add more skills to their portfolio and bring value to the full-time job, or to expand on an existing venture to leave the full-time job eventually.

Whatever your reason may be, there are many ways of earning extra income while you have a full-time occupation. Although it sounds all too easy, a side hustle poses a few challenges that need balancing from time to time.

Deciding on A Side Hustle

For those looking to put in extra few hours of work to make money in their personal capacity, there are numerous ways one can do that. It is also essential to figure out the key features of the side hustle when choosing one to keep you engaged and empowered.

To increase the enrichment of your side hustle, there are a few key features to make it work. Decide on a side hustle that will allow you the freedom to work your full-time work schedule, and that involves you from the beginning to the end for a better experience.

A smart side hustle should operate without needing your physical presence, for example affiliate partnerships, downloadable courses or even a healthy vending franchise.

It would be best if you had a side hustle that will offer a skill variety and give clear and direct feedback about your performance; this helps you improve the service or product as you grow.

A key feature for any business, more especially a side hustle, is that your work needs to directly influence the lives of those you or service or company you serve. That means you need to do relevant work, and if you were to stop doing it, they could not function with it.

Set Up and Build The Side Hustle

After deciding what kind of side hustle would work best for you, a few things come into play when setting and building your side work. When all your motives are aligned, the benefits and costs of building the small enterprise need to be considered; in the same respect, keeping the full-time work separate from the side hustle is critical.

Side hustles differ in pace and scalability, depending on the type of work provided and frequency. For example, the scalability of delivery service will depend on the volume of deliveries one can do in a period; the same goes for an online survey hustle; the service is straightforward and adaptable.

Some side hustles may be a bit more complex and demanding, involving building a relationship and reputation with clients on a long-term basis. Freelance workers like online web designers and ghostwriters operate on a significant deadline pace, often raging from infrequent to overwhelming.

This type of hustle needs precise planning to meet the tasks at hand. Most side hustles start out as a means of making more money; however, as their business scales up, the interest in taking the full-time work increases.

Often people choose side hustles based on their interests and what they enjoy as opposed to their full-time job. Regardless of the earnings, the decision to turn your side hustle into a full-time and scalable business is in direct proportion to fulfillment.

Should You Disclose Your Side Hustle to Your Manager?

Starting a side hustle with full-time employment is not as simple as you think. Side hustle work is performed around your full-time job, and depending on the hustle, you may be breaching policy or pose a conflict of interest. Companies have employment policies in place for such reasons, so it is essential that you verify with the company’s policies to avoid any violations.

Apart from the company policy in black and white, openly disclosing your side hustle to your manager may be a problem for many reasons. This makes many individuals hesitant to open about their side hustles to anyone at work, especially your supervisors.

Before disclosing anything, do your own homework and assess the work environment, more especially the culture around the topic of side hustles. Your relationship with your manager and the level of trust are considerations, whether disclosing your side endeavors will violate that or not?

Your focus on your full-time job may be a huge concern for your manager, and you may need to take extra caution to ensure your standard of work never drops. Always ensure to meet your set goals and complete your job in time.

If you are to work on your side hustle during company time, you need to assure your supervisor that no company resources are being used towards your side hustle.

Balancing Your Full-time Work with Your Side Hustle

Having a side hustle has many advantages and can also be accompanied by overwhelming pitfalls you need to be aware of to balance it with your full-time job. It is expected that many side hustlers work on their side hustle on weekday evenings when they get home from their full-time job. Although your dedication is commendable, it is crucial to take time off both commitments to rest and recuperate.

The best way to enjoy a healthy balance is to limit the days you work on your side hustle in a week, maybe work three to four days. Taking a short break between your full-time shift and your side hustle is a healthy consideration, instead of leaving the one and jumping straight into the other.

Taking short breaks in intervals is suitable for managing your energy, evening as short as ten minutes each time while avoiding the temptation to surf the internet or social media.

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How To Make Your Side Hustle Work With Your Full-Time Job

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