IELTS Preparation Tips For Singaporeans

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IELTS Preparation Tips For Singaporeans

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English is often referred to as the language of business or universal language. This can be accredited to the growing popularity of the language, the ease of learning and the fact that it is an official language in 57 countries across the world.

The dominance of English language can also be seen in the entry requirements of various courses. Many reputed institutions specify a good score in any English proficiency test as a minimum requirement for enrolling into a programme. This has urged more students to learn and speak the language.

One of the most popular and widely-accepted English proficiency tests is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Many premium universities prefer that students applying for their courses have acquired a specific score in the IELTS test.

This blog will list out certain tips that can not only help you prepare for the IELTS Singapore exam but also ace it. Read on to get better insights.

IELTS preparation tips

Tip 1: Work on your vocabulary

The English vocabulary is vast and you can learn new words every day without exhausting the number of words in the dictionary. To ace the IELTS exam, it is important that you have a strong vocabulary. However, learning new words is not enough.

You should also learn how to use words in context. You can develop this skill by reading different written materials such as newspapers and novels. This will allow you to understand the context in which a particular word is suitable.

In case you come across a word that you do not know the meaning of, make sure you look it up in the dictionary. You can also develop your vocabulary by listening to English news or watching English movies. After learning a new word, practise using them in a sentence with context.

If you constantly practise using new words, it will soon become a part of your vocabulary, allowing you to speak the English language fluently.

Tip 2: Read extensively

Reading can help enhance your English language skills considerably. When you read English materials, ensure that you have an English-to-English dictionary handy. Do not translate English words back to your first language as this could hamper your fluency.

Tip 3: Practise your writing skills

IELTS is a time-based test where you need to complete each component of the test within a set time duration. Hence, it is important that you timed writing to improve your speed. Even when you are appearing for mock tests, ensure that your written sample is never under the set word limit.

Tip 4: Work on your fluency and pronunciation

The speaking component of the IETLS exam is aimed at testing your English fluency and precise pronunciation of English words. To get fluency and pronunciation right, you must practise spoken English religiously.

Whenever you use a new word or correctly pronounce a word that you otherwise pronounce incorrectly, ensure that you make a note of it. This will imprint that particular word in your mind, helping you memorise it easily.

Tip 5: Work on your listening skills

Another important component of the IELTS exam is the listening test. You can improve your listening skills by listening to English news and writing them down and analysing them later. This will help you gauge how well you can interpret audio data in the English language.

If you are an IELTS aspirant, you can also take an IELTS preparatory course to help you sail through the exam easily. Research for the best IETLS preparatory programmes in your city and enrol for it today!

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IELTS Preparation Tips For Singaporeans

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