What Is A Super Butler?

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What Is A Super Butler?

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While butlers may seem an old-fashioned notion to some, the last few years have seen the rise of something new: the super butler. When time is the one commodity you can’t buy, it makes sense that someone who delivers good service and helps you save time would be an asset that many would like to have.

They might be useful, but what is the role of a butler in the 21st Century? What differentiates a butler from a super butler? These were two questions that we wanted to explore and share our findings with you. Whether you are in service or looking for someone to make things run smoothly, we have the information that could help.

With the demand for butlers growing, we took a close up look at what makes a super butler, what they do, and who they might work for.

Hiring a super butler

The first step in hiring a super butler is deciding that you need one. Our handy section below that explores the duties of a super butler can help, but knowing what you want is an important part of the process.

While it is the butler’s role to anticipate your needs, a super butler is much more effective when you find someone who is the right fit for your style and circumstances.

Some key considerations, particularly if your super butler will be managing estates overseas, are language requirements. Many butlers and super butlers are hired from the UK. This is partly due to English being a commonly spoken language and the tradition and etiquette of British society.

For those wanting a position, and those wishing to hire, it is important to know where to look for butler jobs and vacancies. By finding the right website, you can get good quality candidates or service roles.

Viewing existing vacancies can help to understand what you look for from a butler, and what a super butler needs to consider when applying for a position.

When placing an advertisement, you can list your requirements, duties and responsibilities, and the desired schedule. When applying for a vacancy, you can choose based on location. It might be a live-in position, with a family or a larger institution, and you can check to see whether you will be working alongside a household staff.

What does a super butler do?

The tasks assigned to a super butler are set out by their principals. This is the term used by butlers to refer to their employers. One critical aspect of the role is to anticipate needs and make things run smoothly. It can be expected that, after building a rapport, a super butler will know what is required and when from only the slightest prompt.

There is a range of specific duties that are usually included in the role:

Household and property management

Many super butlers will be in charge of day to day management of the household and other properties. This encompasses a wide selection of duties that are often carried out in conjunction with other staff members.

The types of responsibilities include overseeing security, managing schedules, instigating and overseeing repairs and maintenance, and shopping. Outside of the main household, it could be the super butler’s role to prepare second homes for holidays or guests.

Staff management

Where there is other domestic staff in the household, the super butler is likely to be responsible for their management, setting the tone, and for recruitment.


In many cases, a super butler may fulfil the roles of chauffeur, in terms of making travel arrangements and driving their employer and their guests. The super butler could also be in charge of clothing care and laundry.

Other tasks

It is the role of the super butler to go above and beyond. This means acquiring the very best, ensuring seamless service for their employer and their guests. From running errands to problem-solving, the super butler makes sure things get done and that the experience is an enjoyable one.

Skills and benefits

Trained butlers with significant experience can earn large salaries, and super butlers can look to earn six-figure salaries. The job can involve travelling to some fantastic places, and being surrounded by culture and wonderful things. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the job is the variety. With such a wide range of tasks and no two days the same, the role of super butler will never get boring.

There are certain skills and attributes required of a super butler. These include being dedicated, quick to respond, and discreet. You can learn the fundamentals of being a butler and gain an advantage by taking a course.

Final thoughts

Super butlers go above and beyond to create that seamless service experience. From sourcing shirts to managing properties, you can hire someone to save you time and manage the day to day tasks of life.

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What Is A Super Butler?

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