3 Tools All Businesses Must Have In Their L&D Arsenal In 2020

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3 Tools All Businesses Must Have In Their L&D Arsenal In 2020

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This year has been unlike anything anyone has ever seen in their lifetime. As the world went under lockdown and people were confined to their homes, businesses across the world have had to adapt in order to survive.

Luckily, there is an abundant availability of collaboration tools that have allowed businesses to continue functioning with distributed teams.

However, there are countless instances of business functions being completely shut down because of the current global situation. 

In either cases, people confined to their homes are being motivated to make productive use of all the extra time they have because of being confined within their homes. 

Even for businesses, it is a great opportunity to invest in upskilling their employees, regardless of whether or not they are able to work from home.

With that said, training employees in a world where everyone is working remotely requires a special set of tools.

In this article, we will be listing three of the most important such tools, and describing how they make online employee training a hassle free experience.

Let’s begin:

Elearning Authoring Tools

Elearning authoring tools do exactly what their name suggests. Modern authoring tools come loaded with features that enable them to create an immersive training experience while supporting every stage of the course delivery and management process.

This doesn’t just make the development process easier, it also enables seamless collaboration between the members of your elearning development team.

Moreover, authoring tools also come loaded with templates and interactivities that allow you to create professional-grade training material quickly with minimal effort.

With that said, choosing the right elearning authoring tool is critical to ensuring a hassle free development experience. Different authoring tools offer different features and complexity levels. 

Hence, it is important to first understand and analyse your training needs, and the technical capabilities of your development team to ensure you choose a tool that is suited for your organisation.

Cloud Based Learning Management Tools

While an authoring tool helps with the development of training material, a learning management system is used to publish and manage your training material on the cloud. 

With a learning management system, you can enroll remote employees into different training courses, deliver training material to their devices, assess their performance, and track their progress, all in one place.

These days, there are different learning management systems (LMS) in the market that come loaded with features targeted at specific kinds of training needs and/or industries.

From compliance training to sales training, from training for product based companies to training for medical organisations, you can pick and choose an LMS that offers the exact features you require to deliver a great training experience to your employees.

In fact, many LMS provide the ability to customise the interface and features to suit the needs of your organisation. Hence, with the right customisation, an LMS can prove to be an extremely powerful tool for your training needs.

Video Conferencing Software

The tools that we have mentioned up until this point enable organisations to create and deploy self-paced learning experiences. However, not all learning can be conducted with that methodology and there are certain concepts or subjects that require the guidance of an expert instructor.

In order to provide instructor led training to your employees in the current scenario, you will require a great video conferencing software. 

Simply ask your instructors to come in front of the camera on a live video, and hold a classroom-like session for your employees.


These were the three tools that we think businesses need in 2020 to deliver training remotely. Did we miss out on any of the tools that you use at your organisation? 

Share them with us in the comment section!

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3 Tools All Businesses Must Have In Their L&D Arsenal In 2020

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