5 Mobile Marketing Tips To Increase Conversions

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5 Mobile Marketing Tips To Increase Conversions

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With almost half of the world’s population now using smartphones, mobile marketing has become an absolute essential tactic for businesses. Web browsing on mobile devices has edged that of desktops in recent years, and e-commerce looks set to follow suit. 

Mobile phones have become extensions of the human body. They are our go-to solutions for communications, information, and problem-solving. People demand instant and reliable services from their mobile devices.

Although digital strategy and mobile marketing are directly linked, you must not make the mistake of treating them as one. The importance of your mobile audience requires it’s own strategy. 

Here are five mobile marketing tips aimed at increasing conversions for your business.

  1. Optimise your website for mobile

With more traffic now being driven to websites via mobile than desktop, it’s crucial to have your websites optimised for mobile users. 

A mobile-optimised site reconfigures itself depending on what device it is interacting with. This ensures that site visitors experience a smooth and easy-to-use website that is specially adapted for them. This is likely to increase user retention, giving you a better chance of a conversion.

Businesses that fail to do this run the risk of losing mobile-based customers.. 

  1. Create a mobile app

Even though web searching rates on mobile devices have gone through the roof, it’s reported that 90% of mobile use is done through apps. For users, apps provide a direct path to the service they want to use. Apps are specifically designed for optimal user performance, and some of them are even tailored to the individual. 

For a business, it’s foolish to ignore the above statistic. If you haven’t done so already, you should seriously consider mobile app development for your company. It is a fast, direct way to interact with customers. It allows for personalised content and can be used as a key marketing tool.

  1. Mobile content

Your content strategy should also be adapted for mobile. 

Whether it’s quality inbound marketing content, video, or images, ensure that all of your content is optimised for your mobile market.

You should also adapt old or outdated content to keep it relevant. 

  1. Geo-location marketing

Using your customers’ locations for marketing allows you to be very specific with who you are targeting. Geo-location marketing can be used in several ways. 

One strategy is to send push notifications to users who are within a certain proximity of your retail store. These notifications can be standard ads, or you can target customers with enticing offers. 

Another strategy is to track customer spending habits through their locations. This data can then be used to tailor specific marketing campaigns to your target audience.

  1. Social media ads

Most companies now understand the importance of having a presence on social media. However, many businesses don’t fully utilise advertising functions on these channels.

Most social media channels offer free insights for business pages. This data can be analysed to great effect, offering valuable information on the performance of your page, as well as the behaviour of your audience. 

Use this data to create quality, targeted ad campaigns that are aimed toward maximising conversions.

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5 Mobile Marketing Tips To Increase Conversions

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