5 Most Creative PR Campaigns Of 2021

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5 Most Creative PR Campaigns Of 2021

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Creativity is essential when it comes to standing out in the world of PR, and boosting the reputation of a brand. It may feel as if everything has already been done in terms of the bold and new ways to advertise, yet in 2021 we still saw a number of brands step outside of the box and surprise us.

Join us as we talk you through five of our favourite and most creative campaigns from the past year, and discover why these strategies proved to be so successful.

Ben & Jerry’s – “We make it all better”

A lot of us turn to a frosty tub of Ben & Jerry’s when times get tough, and over the past couple of years, we may have even needed two! As a brand, these ice cream aficionados know their audience, and are unapologetic in playing into this.

One of their latest campaigns saw “We make it all better” plastered alongside your favourite Ben & Jerry’s flavour, with a potential reason engraved onto a spoon, such as “your parents have started charging you rent”. A simple yet effective creative image.

But why did this strike such a chord with consumers? Well, in a nutshell, people will always gravitate towards brands that they can identify with on a more personal level, and form a genuine connection. And with that sense of trust in tow, they will be more inclined to spend their money with that brand, therefore boosting the awareness as well as the sales.

Specsavers – “It’s coming home”

Even if you’re not a fan of football, you’ll know that when the suspended 2020 Euros finally kicked off, the nation were more than ready for the game to “come home”. And understandably, a lot of PR teams across several brands were quick to get in on the action. However, only a few ended up getting it right, including Specsavers.

Again, going down the more relatable path, Specsavers put up billboards of the universally recognised optician’s chart – but with a difference! Instead of being a seemingly random collection of letters, the creative team spelt out “it’s coming home” in homage to the England team. This was a clever way to get involved in a current phenomenon and raise awareness for the brand, in a way that will stick in the minds of the consumers for potentially years to come.

Paddy Power – Paddy’s Island

The Paddy Power Bingo PR team are certainly a force to be reckoned with, particularly in this last year. Hopping on the latest trends is something that Paddy Power does best, so it didn’t come as much of a surprise when Paddy’s Island hit the YouTube homepage, giving Bingo fans the chance to win a grand per episode!

Just as you’d imagine, this was a short digital series which poked fun at the hit reality tv show, whilst playing up to the nuances that make the show so popular. Introducing familiar characters and a couple of token class clowns, viewers were thoroughly entertained by the antics, as well as being enthralled by the potential prizes that were on offer.

To enter, players would simply have to watch the videos, count up a specified item (such as Bingo balls) and select their answer on the Paddy Power website. Not only did this drive traffic to the site, but also gave something back to participating players.

Weetabix – A Breakfast Twist

In this age where we digest the majority of our media online, and look for our news via Twitter, it’s no surprise that brands are taking to their social media accounts to raise awareness for their products.

In early 2021, the Weetabix marketing team caused a huge stir, just from tweeting one single shot. You may remember this unlikely collaboration which hit the timeline – Heinz Baked Beans and Weetabix. Not a combination that had been showcased before, Weetabix tweeted:

Whilst we’re sure this wasn’t a genuine suggestion, it certainly got people talking, which is really what PR is all about!

Apple – #ShotOniPhone

Originally launched in 2015, Apple has been pioneering the #ShotOniPhone campaign for six years now, encouraging the general public to submit their very own iPhone photographs, via their preferred social media platform, using the hashtag #ShotOniPhone.

Now, whilst this may just sound like a great way to bring people together, and inspire increased creativity, the main intention was to show off the quality of the (preferably, latest) iPhone. These submissions went on to feature heavily in television ad campaigns, which further built the trust of the brand, as well as humanising it.

This relates back to our previous point about familiarity and relatability, which automatically encourages consumers to spend money on a brand’s latest offering. Creative because of the varying photographic subjects, interactive due to its inclusive edge and unsurprisingly effective!


Again, it may feel like that really must be every trick taken out of the book now, but we’re sure that there’s still more brands out there that will shock and delight us. Christmas adverts – we’re looking at you!

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5 Most Creative PR Campaigns Of 2021

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