7 Steps To Sell Your Home Successfully

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7 Steps To Sell Your Home Successfully

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Whether you are downsizing or need more space for a growing family, you may come to the point where you need to move out, and if you’re not one of the 13 million renters across the UK, this means selling your home. 

Deciding to sell your home is a bittersweet experience, especially for those who have fond memories and used this property to get on the property ladder or watch their kids grow up. You’ve built a life there, and moving elsewhere seems a substantial - and even unnecessary - change. Still, whatever your reasons, such as work or space, it is needed. 

Everyone knows selling a home can be stressful, though, so how can you manage to get through the experience successfully? 

Decide If You Actually Need to Sell

If you’re prone to itchy feet, you may not actually need to sell your home at all. It could be that you’re bored of your current surroundings and feel compelled for a change. 

This is something to be aware of before putting your property on the market. Consider why you want to move house. Is it out of necessity, like expecting another child or to be closer to a new job, or is it wanting something different? For the former, there’s no need to put yourself through the stress, so think carefully and do not make any rash decisions. 

Decorate It 

If you have decided that you need to move, it’s time to prepare it for sale. While some people are not concerned with making their home look nice for viewings, others want to make it as appealing as possible. 

To achieve this, you’ll need to make your home more attractive, as this will increase interest and entice buyers, making your property more in-demand than others in the same area. Fresh coats of paint on the walls or touching up marks and stains on surfaces or around the door frame as quick and simple solutions that immediately give your home a facelift.

You can also consider the curb appeal, which may help you sell your house quickly. If you have a garden or any space in front of the house, plant some flowers or set up planters. It is also beneficial to paint the door. 

Make It Multifunctional 

The modern home buyer wants a house that provides a space for everyone, so you should look at which areas of the house can become more multifunctional. This includes everything from a home office to a gym built into other living spaces (even if they are in the same place). 

Furthermore, there are also general lifestyle demands to consider. If you have a family home, new buyers will need enough space for their kids and pets. Whether they’re expecting parents or already have children, the youngsters will need a place to sleep and play. 

The more multifunctional your home is, the more potential it has for buyers, and you may even find multifunctionality in more places than you think.

Get an Official Valuation 

You’ll never know how much your house is truly worth without an official valuation. Working with companies like RICS Valuation can give you a clear and easy-to-understand idea of what your home can fetch when on the market, which provides a better understanding of your budget for a new home or other investments. 

You can’t always expect to receive as much as the valuation predicts, but it is a suitable ballpark to work within that enables buyers to put an offer down. Sany home improvements you’ve made since moving in, and the condition of the surrounding area will also play a factor. It may be worth researching similar properties to understand what your home could cost.

Have Your Next Property In Mind 

The valuation will directly impact the type of property you’re going to move into. You don’t need to use all the funds earned from the sale of your current home, but it can make it easier to afford the purchase, especially with more expensive properties, if that's what you need. 

All homeowners have different requests and requirements, though. It might be that you want to move to a smaller property, in which case, you may have plenty of money left over for you to use in other areas. Of course, even some smaller properties in affluent areas can be more expensive than expected, so it’s useful to know how much you may need to spend before you sell your home. 

Make Sure It Is Sellable 

It is not just the style and decor of the home you need to consider. The property's safety will also impact its sellability. Some sellers believe that any issues aren't their problem once they sell, but this is the wrong way to approach it.

You don’t want to put the new buyers in any danger, so consider a pre-listing inspection that will highlight any issues within your property. Hopefully, there is nothing too severe, and any problems can be easily overcome, yet it’s still worth doing to put your fears and the worries of the buyer at ease. 

Do Not Interact With the Buyer

Some sellers want to know their property is going to the right people, and everyone has a definition of who the right people are. This raises myriad issues, though, especially when you consider how emotional selling your home can be. 

It is best to work through an intermediary that prevents you from interacting with the buyer. Even if you consider yourself easygoing, the buyers might discuss improvements or changes that you do not want them to do. Once the sale is final, it isn’t your decision, but avoiding any interaction will guarantee there are no hiccups or issues with the sale, and everyone can find the home they want to live in. 


Yes, everyone knows the stress and tedium of selling a home, especially if you’re part of a chain that’s always waiting for those ahead of you to make the move. But, as stressful as selling (and buying) can be, these steps will make the entire process more manageable and enjoyable to ensure an experience (almost) as smooth as you could ask for. 

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7 Steps To Sell Your Home Successfully

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