Fun Ways To Promote Your Business

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Fun Ways To Promote Your Business

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When it comes to marketing your product - everyone is doing it. Some incredible marketing professionals come up with unique ideas all the time. 

They do take into consideration all of the past performance of their marketing. They then take a look at how that can be manipulated to see even more traction. 

But if you don’t have a marketing company that can do that for you, it’s up to you to be as forward-thinking and unique as possible. 

Go Urban

If you are deep in a city environment, you have to work with the space around you. However, with plenty of wall space and floor space, you have no end of options. 

If you have a building with an outside wall, use it to create your billboard. Commission a graffiti artist to create a removable piece-catching and bold. 

Don’t be afraid to use the space you have with things like Glow Inflatables; they are bright, bold and a great talking point! 


You can’t talk about cool marketing ideas without talking about the content possibilities. Make your content interactive, gamify it completely. Let the customer choose a few items, and tell them their service package personality. 

Have a few easy-to-answer questions that deliver something of use to them at the end. 

If in doubt - the office dog making a regular appearance is always a winner! 

Create a value-packed eBook and give it away for free. You can cover everything relevant to your business. It’s not just limited to presenting information though; you can create a simple lookbook with your products or make it immersive and allow people to build outfits. 

Go wild with content ideas, and test out the best ideas. 


It makes sense that clothing brands would collaborate with a style influencer - but you don’t need to stick to the rules. 

There are links to be made in almost all industries - from crypto and NFTs to cupcakes and coins. Collaborations can be some of the most potent marketing you can get. 

Allow the other party to participate in all of the creative aspects - you never know what you might come up with. 


One of the best ways to get your audience really engaged in what you are doing is to have contests. 

One of the most enjoyable contests that you can run is an Instagram contest.

You can encourage your audience to take part and create content with one of your products. Only is this a lot of fun but can help you collect user generated content that you can use at a later date.

It should be noted that Instagram contests don’t always get a huge amount of interaction, because there is a little bit of effort involved.

However the content that is created can be incredibly powerful.

You can take this further and do something fun and have a caption contest. Post a graphic or a photo to do with your business, and have all the engagement on a single post.

A common contest type is closer to a giveaway than a competition, and people simply need to enter their contact details to them. This is also one of the quickest ways to collect a huge amount of potential newsletter subscriptions.


If you have a premise this is very easy to do. Host a special evening event, and giveaway tickets for people to attend. Quite often these events will get a lot of press and you can easily add influencers to the guestlist too.

Make sure you create a hashtag for the event itself, to catch on all of those great social dimensions.

Running a giveaway at the event will draw even more of a crowd, just make sure that you are doing the most when it comes to collecting signups for any of your email marketing campaigns, and highlight any new products that you have got coming out.

Go exclusive

If you have a new service or product coming out, make it something that is exclusive. The fear of missing out works wonders when it comes to marketing. If you have a service you can run a beta, and only have a set amount of people to sign up they can get access first. 

Not only is this great to drive interest, but you can also use the feedback to improve your product further.

When it comes to promoting your products you don’t need to follow everybody else you can think outside the box and experiment. Always keep in mind the vision for your business and how you wish your business to grow.

If you are still working on your marketing strategy, read this: What Is Content Marketing And Why Is It Crucial To Your Digital Strategy? 

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Fun Ways To Promote Your Business

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