How Does A Predictive Dialer Software Work? What Are Its Benefits?

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How Does A Predictive Dialer Software Work? What Are Its Benefits?

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With today’s highly competitive market, more and more companies rely on telephone technology to deliver better customer assistance, to reach consumers, and increase sales. One of these technologies is predictive dialer software, which has been around for years and provides a big boost to any company’s calling process.

But what should you know about predictive dialers? How do they work? Are they really beneficial to businesses?

Predictive Dialers And How They Work

Generally, predictive dialer software from providers like Call Cowboy are automated telephone dialing solutions that accelerate and streamline outbound calls. Often found in a high-volume call center, this dialer makes everything easier as it allows businesses to reach as many people as possible in a short period of time.

Phone calls are dialed at a rate based on variables like past call duration, or agent availability, or a pre-defined rate. After dialing the calls, predictive dialers then listen for an answer. They only preset the call to agents when live persons have answered.

This ability enables the dialer to screen out the calls that receive busy signals, or are answered by voice mail systems, fax machines or answering machines. By presenting live calls only to agents, a predictive dialer can vastly improve call center efficiency and agent productivity.

When predictive dialers place a call, they don’t only dial a single number, but two or more numbers concurrently. Of such telephone calls, only one connects to a live agent, while some are screened-out because a voice mail system or machine answered.

Through dialing more numbers at the same time, the predictive dialer increases the odds of connecting to live agents all the time. Since multiple lines are dialed simultaneously, the system of a predictive dialer usually assigns 3-4 lines to every agent.

A predictive dialer adjusts its dialing rate to maximize the number of the live connects that they make. It also uses algorithms that take into consideration of the usual call duration, previous success rate of the dialing list, and the time it takes for the calls to be answered. In the long run, more calls can be placed while the dialer gets better in predicting how many numbers to dial and when to dial.

Benefits Of Predictive Dialer Software

If you’re not sure about using predictive dialer software, read some of its benefits below:

  1. Enhances The Agent’s Efficiency

A predictive dialer uses algorithms to predict call durations and assigns calls to other agents automatically. Its built-in design is configured to work in a competitive environment to lock in more sales, as well as make some impactful profits.

In short, you’ll notice an increase in labor efficiency and productivity, which can help make your business grow. By using predictive dialers, every agent can also spend more time on potential customers, turning them into your loyal clients in the end.

  1. Helps Close More Sales

Not every call will result in success, yet the fact that the agents attend to more calls definitely increases the chances that more leads will be converted at the end of the shift.

The process of manual dialing wastes a huge portion of time due to the fact that most of these hours are spent listening to the busy signals, scheduling follow ups, or leaving voicemails. With predictive dialers, the agents drive the revenues of your business up and boost call volume.

  1. Lessens Human Errors

There’s always an opportunity that agents will call certain clients or that calls are left unanswered. However, predictive dialers are the solution to all such problems, enabling you to automate the whole handling and calling system to lessen human errors and entertain the maximum number of calls anytime.

  1. Improved Compliance

There are several rules that businesses like call centers should follow. These standards help protect the consumers from annoying scams and calls. Usually, they don’t prevent legitimate businesses from calling their customers. However, there are some situations you must not call, such as blocked numbers. The difficulty occurs because it’s hard for employees to keep up with the growing lists of the numbers they can’t call.

Predictive dialers access the database that excludes blocked phone numbers. Once you take the human errors out of the equation, you may improve the ability of your business to comply with the law. This will not only protect your reputation, but it makes it much easier to avoid hefty fines that may cost you a huge amount of money.

  1. Reduced Operational Costs

Without having any contemporary software, running a business-like call center may cost you a lot of money. This is especially true if your company includes lots of landlines.

If your company doesn’t get or make many calls, you can hire operators trained to distribute calls to the best agents. It may, however, be challenging to find somebody who knows how to do the work well. In addition, you need to add another individual to the payroll.

With predictive dialer software, unnecessary expenses are eliminated through the use of the existing computer network in your company. Just make sure to choose a cloud-based dialer, so you won’t need to buy new hardware.

  1. Run Blended Marketing Campaigns

One of the best things about using predictive dialers is that they work in tandem with tools for automated call distribution, especially when clients request an inbound customer service and outbound sales program.

The combined system may assign calls to each available rep and keep the inbound callers in queue until the agents are available. The software then takes a message so agents may contact the callers later. Inevitably, callers don’t need to wait for a long time with dialers, which improves their user experience.

  1. Organize And Manage The Database

Predictive dialer software has features to segregate lists of calls. It may also prepare a list of the numbers that weren’t answered and call them again. Also, it makes a do-not-disturb list, so it may avoid calling them again.

Predictive dialers are capable of determining the numbers that won’t generate sales. Moreover, these dialers have an access to all numbers in the database, which generates the list of the numbers of called daily, and eliminates the numbers that were processed and called already. For this reason, duplicate calls can be avoided, which may also prevent your company from alienating your potential customers.

  1. Monitors Performance

The interface of some predictive dialers enables managers to monitor the performance of the agents. The managers may listen to ongoing calls to rate the agents and evaluate the quality of the conversation. A good predictive dialer can also generate performance reports.

  1. Integrates With CRM Easily

Predictive dialers may improve customer conversion. CRM integration provides agents with important information like previous interactions with customers, demographic information, purchase history, location, and so on. This data helps the agents modify their conversations to convince more customers to make another purchase.

  1. Enables Businesses To Provide Better Service

The smart algorithm used in a predictive dialer lets it record the data constantly through making adjustments. It may calculate the best time to make a call with the use of the connection rates, and incorporate the CRM before dialing out the call.

With this, a more excellent response rate and better service is ensured. Moreover, it uses data for every number in regards to the number of times a certain number was dialed, along with the outcome of the call. It helps in setting up the interaction between the customers and the agent.

  1. Improves Team And Individual Performances

The automatic and continuous stream of calls enables agents to be more productive. Once they get used to the process of predictive dialers, their efficiency will improve. Everybody has the opportunity to level up their skills in handling concerns and selling over the phone. The software can also challenge the agents to manage their time wisely with every call.

Once the predictive dialer software learns the call patterns, it applies the data it gathered on the call’s structure. It also provides the agent with more time to speak with the prospects, whom they may convert into buying customers.

Predictive dialers can also increase the productivity of your agents. As a result, the agent’s morale improves and may hit their sales targets much easier, which can bring in more profits.

  1. Manages And Blends Outbound And Inbound Calls

If your business deals with both outbound sales calls and inbound customer service, predictive dialers will benefit you. The reason behind this is that predictive dialer software can manage and blend outbound and inbound calls. This only means that it will work hand-in-hand with automated call distribution systems to assign the calls to the available agents.

Predictive dialers also have the ability to queue callers when there’s no available agent yet. These can also take caller messages, enabling the agents to know what the callers require. If customers hang up while waiting, the agent can quickly call them back and give them what they need.

Final Thoughts

Using predictive dialer software offers several benefits that would enhance and streamline the operations of your call center. They’ll save you money and time while increasing the productivity and efficiency by more than 300%.

To ensure high return on investment, just make sure to choose the right and best predictive dialer if you’re handling a huge volume of outbound calls.

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How Does A Predictive Dialer Software Work? What Are Its Benefits?

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