How Much Tip Should You Give Your Courier Delivery Person

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How Much Tip Should You Give Your Courier Delivery Person

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Although delivery applications make our lives simpler, determining the appropriate tip amount may be difficult.

Depending on what you're buying, what platform you're using, and what happens throughout the delivery process, suggested recommendations may differ significantly. 

In this article, we’ll address this issue and discuss tipping ethics for contemporary delivery apps that link you with independent contractors rather than full-time or part-time workers.

A contractor's revenue is heavily reliant on driver tips. Because contemporary app delivery drivers are often classed as self-employed, they are responsible for their costs, sometimes earning less than the local minimum hourly pay before tip.

As a result, conventional tipping etiquette dictates that you leave a 15% tip – just as you would for a regular pizza delivery driver, a restaurant waiter, or even a Lyft or Uber driver. Your basic tip, however, may vary somewhat based on what you're buying.

Based on their job, here's how much you should tip a delivery driver.


Traditional courier services are not expected to provide tips, but package and postal services are rising in the economy. On YunExpressEKart, and even the Uber app, you can get courier services from contractors.

A 15% tip is still a good rule of thumb when using these alternative courier services, particularly if you're receiving a single envelope or tiny package. If you're receiving a large item or many parcels at once, you should tip at least 18-20%, based on the box’s scale, weight, and volume.

When Should You Tip More?

The following suggestions should only be used as a starting point. It's good to give a larger tip if your driver goes above and beyond the minimum needs for finishing the task, converting excellent service into outstanding service.

There are other instances when additional work can justify even greater tips. If your delivery driver, for example, has to climb many stairs to get to you, be sure to thank them by tipping at least 5% more.

Exceptional customer service is also deserving of a larger tip. If your delivery driver brightens your day with their cheerful attitude, interacts with you at each step of the delivery process, or goes out of their way to ensure that you have the most incredible experience possible. Make sure you tip them at least 5% more.

When to Leave a Smaller Tip

There are two circumstances when a lower tip is appropriate:

Poor Customer Service

Poor service is one of the main reasons you'll ever tip less than the standard tip. 

  • Delivery to the incorrect location despite explicit directions 
  • A terrible attitude 
  • Rude words or gestures 
  • Incorrect grocery goods or the number of parcels delivered are examples of poor service that may merit a lower gratuity.

It's entirely OK to tip 10% instead of the standard 15% in these situations. This is a typical discount for demonstrating that you are dissatisfied with a service.

We don't usually advise skipping the tip since independent contractors rely on gratuities to support their families and, in some instances, to earn minimum wage.

If, on the other hand, bad service degrades to the point of harassment or other serious problems, you have the option to skip tipping and report to the company.

Remember that delivery drivers should not be punished for poor service caused by severe weather, traffic, or other unforeseen circumstances.


Another scenario when you want to give your delivery person a lower tip is damaging your item. You may tip less or nothing at all if they spilled your meal in their vehicle or damaged a delicate item by throwing it on your doorway, depending on the degree of the damages.

In the majority of these instances, you should be able to report the issue to the business that employs your driver and get a discount as a result.

Reduce your tip amount only if you're confident your driver was at fault. 

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How Much Tip Should You Give Your Courier Delivery Person

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