How To Maintain The Spark In A Relationship

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How To Maintain The Spark In A Relationship

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How long have you been in a relationship with your boo? FOREVER.


Losing the spark is an inevitable part of a relationship. As you stay in a relationship, you're likely to transition from "passionate" to "compassionate" love.

Alright, let me explain:

Passionate love is all about sexual arousal, while compassionate love is the deep emotion that makes you feel more attached to your partner.


As time passes, you become less interested in your partner - that's when "the spark" fades away.


Such a feeling is normal. Most couples in a long term relationship go through the same phase.

On the other hand, there are ways to maintain the spark in a relationship, which can also help you feel more secure and loved by your partner.

7 Secrets to Maintaining the Spark in a Relationship

#1 Communicate!

Always communicate to avoid misunderstanding. 

Talk about how you feel and explain things clearly. 

Do not assume that your partner understands everything unless you explain it clearly.

Learn to listen, and don't let your strong emotions overpower you.

#2 Know the importance of "touch" 

It's all about touching and being touched. And sometimes, you need to be the giver to rekindle the spark.


Try sensate focus therapy - a type of sex therapy that aims to help you and your partner focus on sensory perceptions and sensuality. 

You'll encounter various foreplay exercises that will make you realize the importance of touch and sensuality in a relationship. 

#3 Think outside the box

Breakaway from your sex routine. Explore new things that can help renew the spark.

Here's an idea:

Try sex toys and sex furniture - it creates excitement, and perhaps your curiosity can lead to a mind-blowing bed scene?

For the best sex couch in the market, check out 

Also, if you want to level up the passion and excitement, go for BDSM sex!

Imagine the dirty look on your partner's face when you're cuffed and tied to a bed!

#4 Spend a lot of time together


It's not always about sex. A romantic dinner goes a long way!

Time is vital in a relationship. Make time to communicate about your feelings and resolve conflict as soon as possible.

Have a date night. A romantic dinner or a walk on the beach is an effective way to bond with your partner.

Also, make time for sex! Connect with your partner physically and savor every moment. 

On the flip side, it is also essential to respect the space that your partner needs from time to time.

Sometimes both of you need to spend time apart to catch up on other things in life.

#5 Appreciate each other

You have invested a lot of time and effort in this relationship; sometimes, it feels good to get a pat on the back, saying that your efforts are valued and appreciated.

Appreciation is another key to maintaining the spark in a relationship. 

Sweet words of appreciation make your partner feel good and valued, and it makes a big difference in a relationship. 

Let me emphasize this:

Show your love and appreciation by paying attention, enjoying time together, and complimenting each other despite the imperfections.

#6 Be the giver, for once...

Instead of asking for romantic things, be the giver!

If you love your partner, show your affection by touching, kissing, and professing your love. 

Be generous. Your partner will notice the extra effort, and you'll get something more in return. 

#7 Speak up about your fantasies


Here comes the most challenging part for most couples - speaking up about sexual fantasies.

I get it. You're too shy to tell your partner that you prefer more extended foreplay. Perhaps you don't want your partner to feel awkward - the reason why sometimes you fake an orgasm?

Here's what you can do:

Download the Kindu app. (Free on iOs and Google Play)

It presents various sexual ideas and fantasies. Who knows one of them could be similar to yours?

If you both like the idea, you'll be notified of the match up!

It's a safe and more discreet way of communicating your sexual fantasies if you're not ready to speak just yet.

Anyway… it also adds to the excitement!

The bottom line….

It takes an effort to maintain the spark in a relationship. 

It's all about teamwork - you and your partner should work together to strengthen the relationship and rekindle the spark.

Good luck, and keep the fire burning!

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How To Maintain The Spark In A Relationship

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