Launch Your Own Fitness Facility With These Tips

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Launch Your Own Fitness Facility With These Tips

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Fitness is big business, and more than that - it is a lucrative market. People worldwide want to build muscle, trim fat, and stay healthy. You can make their dreams a reality - by creating your fitness facility. 

If you have a passion for health and fitness, it’s probably crossed your mind a few times. It would feel like unlocking the doors early in the morning, working out on your custom gym design, and seeing people progress month on month. 

Assuming you have the start-up capital or the right loan or grant options in place, where are other things you need to think about. 

Training and Qualifications

While fitness and nutrition might be your passion, if you aren’t qualified, you might have some hesitation regarding business loans and members. 

Ideally, you should be working on a Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing and a Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training. You can do these in another gym or as part of an NVQ. 

Following those, you need to build the proper workout and diet plans. Further qualifications about nutrition and anatomy can help you support your gym members. 

Building consideration

You will need to decide between owning the building and leasing it. Most people launching a fitness business spend some time in another gym facility until they are ready to launch their own. This is where you will get your business acumen for gym ownership. 

When viewing properties, look out for: 

  • Parking
  • Is there a café/seating area?
  • Reception areas
  • Human resource facilities, client appointments, and administrative duties
  • Room for lockers
  • Businesses that complement each other - You can sublet to nutritionists, physiotherapists, specialist trainers (e.g., sports), yoga teachers, and others once you've established yourself.
  • Could you expand the gym in the future if it becomes popular?


While it is pretty standard for gym members to strain or pull muscles as they forge towards PBs, there are accidents that can happen. 

One of the first things you need to have in place is a waiver to understand the personal risks of gym equipment and take responsibility for any injuries. 

On from that, you need to have these insurances in place: 

  • Public liability insurance
  • Employers liability
  • Cyber insurance
  • Building/content insurance

The insurance you choose will be your protection, so it is always better to have the maximum while you might think you can skip some insurances. 


You need to have fully trained staff and several staff that have first-aid training. A trained first-aid member of the team should be on shift at all times. 

All of your instructors should be on The Register of Exercise Professionals; this membership has insurance assistance. 

If you have food prep onsite, have these meals designed by a staff member with nutrition certification, prepared by someone who has Food Hygiene certification, and comply with Food Hygiene Regulations. 

Launching your fitness facility is not only a business launch that can change your life, but it changes the lives of all its members too. 

The practical items are very important, but here are Startup Costs Every Business Owner Needs to Know

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Launch Your Own Fitness Facility With These Tips

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