Productivity Hacks For College Students In 2021

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Productivity Hacks For College Students In 2021

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College students have always faced unique challenges, and remaining productive regardless of the distractions is one of the biggest ones. There's a lot for a college student to worry about. 

There's barely any time left between their studies, extracurricular activities, social lives, and work. In 2021, the pandemic has made things even worse.

 Studies by the American Psychological Association suggest that up to 95 percent of college students are likely to put off work. The most significant limitations to their productivity include financial strain and exhaustion.

Here are a few productivity hacks to make your college journey more manageable. 

  • Use Realistic To-Do Lists

To-do lists are great for boosting productivity, but you have to ensure that they are realistic and manageable. If your list is too long, it may overwhelm you and reduce your productivity.

You'd be wise to limit yourself to a maximum of five tasks every day. 

Having goals is essential, but you shouldn't attempt to complete too many tasks simultaneously or on the same day. Consider using task-management apps if you have trouble creating simple and realistic to-do lists. 

  • Take Advantage of Helpful Tools

There are lots of tools to make the life of a college student easier. Where possible, use them to increase productivity and complete tasks faster. With PDF Simpli, for example, you can easily convert PDF documents to Word.

You get unlimited access to PDF tools which can make your work much easier. Depending on your needs, find tools that are safe and easy to use.

  • Use the Pomodoro Technique

This popular technique has been used to improve productivity for a while. It makes your tedious tasks feel like games that you need to complete within a short time. Set your timer for 25 minutes and begin a session where you only focus on one task.

At the end of your session, make a check against the task on your to-do list. Rest for five minutes and start a new task. After four sessions, you can take a 15-30-minute break. 

 If you have a task that you can't complete within 25 minutes, divide it into smaller, more actionable steps. If several tasks only take a few minutes, group them. The Pomodoro technique helps you avoid distractions and makes work fun.

  • Start Difficult Tasks When You Are Most Productive

Think of the time when you are most productive and start your hardest tasks then. When do you have the highest amount of energy and concentration? When do you have few distractions? And when are you most creative? Answering these questions will help you determine when you need to start your work. 

  • Change Your Study Environment

Switching up your study environment may not seem important, but it can significantly influence your productivity. Being a creature of habit is comforting, but it can get boring pretty fast. A change of scenery may be good for your brain.

Ensure that your study environment makes it easy to stay on task. While some people prefer to work in silence, others enjoy a noisy background. Find whatever works for you and stick to it. Try new environments to determine where you thrive.

If you are always studying in the school library, consider studying outdoors or in your local coffee shop for a change. 

Being a college student is hard work, and unfortunately, you may not always be as productive as you'd like. Instead of feeling overwhelmed or giving in to the pressure, start implementing techniques that make your work easier and increase your productivity.

You can balance your social life, school life, and other commitments without straining with some creativity.

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Productivity Hacks For College Students In 2021

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