What Is The Purpose Of An Interim Manager?

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What Is The Purpose Of An Interim Manager?

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If you are looking for a highly experienced professional to fill a management position on a temporary basis, you are looking for an interim manager. These roles can be hired for a few reasons. Let's take a look at why you may need interim management, the benefits of employing one and when you could need them.

They will play a vital role in your business and can guarantee you continue to operate during tricky periods. These transitional times could be when a manager leaves or a new department is being bought in. This can affect how smoothly your business runs; however, an interim manager will provide you with the skillset, knowledge and practicality to continue your success.

As well as filling a leadership role during a transitional period, they will also provide you with specialist advice, more than you are currently getting from the current junior team. Your new manager will also be able to develop training for your permanent employees, allowing them to potentially move up into a senior position sooner.

There are multiple benefits of temporarily employing someone for this position.


As this person will come on board in a temporary position, you will not need to pay them the full yearly salary that you would if they were permanent. They also do not legally require any perks and benefits from your business. This will allow for the rest of your budget to be used elsewhere, such as training for other employees or investments in equipment and software.


Your new interim manager will have unmatched expertise in your particular industry, which can be invaluable to your business' success moving forwards.


If you need to fill a position urgently due to a sudden change in circumstances, you can source an interim manager quickly. This will be especially helpful if you have had an unexpected leadership loss and do not want this to have an impact on the operations of your business or the rest of your team.


A unique perspective will always be beneficial. This person will be unaware of your business's inside politics, and having a neutral opinion on these topics will only lead to more informed decisions. They will only want to enable your business to succeed and, therefore, will only give expert advice that will provide you and your business with value.
Now let's take a look at when you may need to implement an interim manager for your business.

Unexpected Leadership Gap

If you find yourself in a position without a manager, this may be due to a disagreement, a mutual termination or their promotion to a new position, and you will want to fill their duties as soon as possible. An interim manager will come into your business for the shorter term, and they will assess and analyse the current runnings and operations to make informed changes and implement new strategies. They will want to continue your business' smooth running so your team, clients and stakeholder do not experience any uncertainty or issues.

The Need For Expertise

Your company may face a new challenge that your current managers and team are unable to provide the correct answers for. An interim manager can be hired for this exact duty. An example of this would be merging. Some interim managers specialise in merging one company with another, and bringing someone with this experience and expertise will only lead to success during this process.

Troublesome Periods

Difficult times happen within every business; it's part of the journey. If you need help during a financial crisis or another problem, an interim manager can join your team to provide guidance, support and advice.


Due to their high levels of knowledge, when your team is ready for training, and you wish to implement a training strategy for the best success, an interim manager can come on board to devise this with the senior team. They can also implement the training process themselves. This will only lead to the future success of your business.

Sourcing an interim manager for your business will have many positive effects. Not only can they ensure your operations and team are working smoothly during turbulent times, but they can also ensure your team is trained to the best of their abilities to handle situations in the future. They can also provide you with their learnings for new challenges you may be facing. Consider an interim manager if you want to make a short-term investment for long-term success.

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What Is The Purpose Of An Interim Manager?

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