Hi-Tech Companies Making Waves On The London Stock Exchange

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Hi-Tech Companies Making Waves On The London Stock Exchange

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With technology getting evermore hi-tech and advanced, it's no surprise that the more the industry grows, the more successful, public and investor-worthy it will be.

Just take the London FTSE for example - the UK tech sector is growing at an increasingly rapid rate, with 1.64 million digital tech jobs in the UK.

So just who are these hi-tech companies making such a splash?

Gaming Realms

Based in London, Gaming Realms aims to become the leader in the UK mobile gaming market, and to make slots and casino products into household names.

With 80% of its players playing on mobile devices, it really pays to know which sites are worth your time.

CEO Patrick Southon invested over £10m to build a ‘mobile first’ platform to court this trend - and it's more than a trend; just check out the huge range of top mobile first casinos and apps available online, at trusted sites such as gamblingappstore.net.


Personal Group

A subject close to every staff member's heart: employee benefits. Whether it's shopping discounts, insurance schemes or otherwise, Personal Group can help you out. They offer a range of third-party benefits via a mobile platform, available to staff members once their workplace has opted in.

Needless to say, CEO Mark Scanlon explains this leads to a ‘happier workforce, better engagement, improved staff retention and attracts new employees to the workforce’. So everyone benefits, then.

Paddy Power Betfair PLC

Everyone’s cheeky UK favourite, Paddy Power is a big deal on the UK Stock Exchange. After their 2015 merger with Betfair, the joint company has become the biggest and most-traded online casino on the LSE, with a market value of an eye-watering £7,189.35 million.

Not only that, but their merger pretty much changed the UK sports betting industry, leading them to become the clear market leader of the UK betting industry - not to mention abroad.


Need something regulatory, stat - but just don't have the manpower? IdeaGen supplies information management software to industries which need high level regulation. These include industries such as healthcare, transport, aerospace and defense, and includes supplying governance, risk and compliance solutions.

With international operations based from their East Midlands office, IdeaGen serve seven of the top 10 accounting firms in the UK, over 80% of the NHS trusts, and seven of the biggest international defence and aerospace companies.

Redstone Connect

Making smart cities and smart buildings a reality, London-based RedstoneConnect implement technological solutions to revolutionise the everyday and mundane: from finding a space in a crowded car park, to IT networking and building systems integrations.

Working across a huge variety of verticals - from real estate owners, entertainment venues, shopping centres and global financial institutions, to give you a small idea of the range - the company is really doubling down to focus on the Internet of Things technology to adapt its solutions.

Founded in 1995, RedstoneConnect has surfed the wave of innovation - and has shaped it to their and their clients needs.

The UK has always been a natural hub for all things technological, dynamic and fast-growing, and so is a natural host to hi-tech companies looking to scale up and make their impact - even in a post-Brexit world.

As such it looks like the UK might just be a true international leader once more - in the technological sector, at the very least!

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Hi-Tech Companies Making Waves On The London Stock Exchange

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