5 Reasons Why Texas Is The Place To Be For Startups

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5 Reasons Why Texas Is The Place To Be For Startups

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If you have the option of starting a business in any part of the US, then you might be wondering which states offer the best advantages for new enterprises with ambitions of achieving substantial growth.

Texas could fit the bill in this regard, so here are just a few of the factors which make it an attractive place for startups to lay down their foundations.

Living costs are lower than other states

Businesses which are based in places like Los Angeles and New York City have to contend with the fact that a whole host of living costs will not only be among the highest in the country, but also the world.

Meanwhile in Texas, everything from domestic property prices to commercial rental costs will be substantially more affordable. Even office space rentals in Dallas, one of the state’s most prominent economic hubs, are at the cheaper end of the spectrum when contrasted with what you would have to pay elsewhere.

Furthermore, the people you employ will be able to get more bang for their buck whether they are shopping for food, paying for entertainment or procuring childcare, so it helps businesses and people alike.

The climate is favorable

From the potential disruption caused by inclement weather conditions to the physical and mental health implications that come with long, cold winters, there are lots of reasons to think about the downsides of building a business in more northerly states.

Conversely, Texas has a warm climate with plenty of sunshine all year round, meaning you can enjoy the great outdoors without needing to pad out your wardrobe with hefty garments to keep out the wind, rain and snow.

For businesses, this means happier and healthier employees, as well as a lower likelihood of their operations being derailed by blizzards or other seasonal catastrophes.

Regulations & taxation laws are pro-business

It should be no surprise that Texas has managed to grow its economy to the point that it is one of the largest in the US, since much of the state’s business-related regulations are designed specifically to assist organizations achieve their goals without having to jump through a whole host of hoops in the process.

Likewise the relatively low levels of taxation are also an attraction of Texas, with individuals not subject to state-level income tax, even if they are still obliged to cover this at a federal level.

Investment opportunities

Startups need plenty of cash to get off the ground, and lots of Texas’ biggest cities are breeding grounds for investors.

Houston alone has around 20 different venture capital companies operating within its borders, so even if you do not have the cash to put into your business right now, you might be able to drum it up without needing to cross state lines in the process.

A surfeit of local talent

Another thing that startups need to succeed is access to a talent pool which is sufficiently large, diverse and competitive to ensure that they can pursue whatever projects they have to complete as efficiently and innovatively as possible.

Thanks to a combination of the high levels of education and lower average age of the Texan population, you should have your pick of plenty of skilled, intelligent individuals to add to your staff, all without having to recruit from other parts of the country.

So there you have it; starting a business in Texas could be your ticket to entrepreneurial excellence. You just need to be willing to make the leap, and to find the right people to come along with you.

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5 Reasons Why Texas Is The Place To Be For Startups

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