6 Ways To Keep Yourself Busy During Lockdown

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6 Ways To Keep Yourself Busy During Lockdown

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Here we are self-quarantining ourselves, practicing social distancing and isolation in this outbreak of Coronavirus, and trying to figure out how to spend time indoors.

It can be frustrating sometimes spending just two days cooped up inside, so being stuck at home for months is a daunting task.

Take it positively and find out some great ways to keep yourself occupied. Here are some tips to keep yourself busy and avoid getting too bored during the lockdown.

1- Watch a Movie or Binge a TV Show

Escape from the news cycle by catching up on your favorite shows and movies that you have been curious about for a long time.

Netflix offers heaps of shows for you to watch. So just refresh your Netflix queue with the most popular shows and movies that the platform has to offer.

However, if you are stuck in another country due to the lockdown, then you might have restricted access to some of your favorite US shows despite being a paying subscriber.

Netflix restricts access to certain movies and TV shows based on geolocation. However, you can use a VPN to bypass the Netflix geo-blocks and watch your favorite shows while staying in any country. Some examples of VPNs that you can use are ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark.

2- Shop Online

You have been advised to stay at home and to reduce the time spent running errands to shop for essentials. Online shopping is a great way to spend your free time and to get your supplies at your door. With the option of online shopping being open, you can help maintain your healthy lifestyle.

You can buy items for home exercise, health-related goods, grocery products, and home office equipment.

Before you start shopping, make a grocery list that can supply you for a couple of weeks. It is better to look for local options first. You can search for online grocery stores that provide essential items online, such as Mercato and Amazon Fresh.

3- Pursue an Accredited Online Degree

How about going back to school online to pursue the degree you have always wanted? Universities like Maryville are one option among many that offer accredited online degrees in areas like business, education, healthcare, computer science, communications, social science, mathematics, and others.

You can easily choose the subject of your choice and enroll yourself for a degree course. You can then start interacting with your mentors and fellow students online and learn the subjects which you always desired. Online degree is the new normal and slowly students are adopting this mode of learning.

4- Develop a Skill

If your new year resolution was to do something new, then you can achieve that this year. Lockdown has given you plenty of time to invest in learning and exploring something different.

You can learn a musical instrument such as piano and guitar, learn a language, or learn how to cook. You can now find great recipes online and can spend time cooking from scratch.

Why not utilize this time to build your audience by setting up a blog using WordPress. You can even start a YouTube channel to showcase your talent and earn out of it too. How about learning SEO? You can visit blogs like SEO Sandwitch and learn digital marketing.

The possibilities are endless. Think about what you want to do or where your interest lies and work towards it.

5- Have a Work-Out Routine

A great way to keep yourself healthy and busy is to have a workout plan. Don’t be a couch potato. Go for a walk, a run, or do some workouts at home to focus on your physical well-being.

Do some exercises that need no equipment such as squats, burpees, and press-ups. You can even try a 30-day bodyweight workout challenge to get yourself started and to stay healthy at home.

Another way to keep your body fit is by doing some yoga. It improves your flexibility, cardio, and circulatory health. There are tons of yoga studios streaming online classes these days. Few of the great online classes that can help you learn yoga are Yoga With Adriene, Yoga International, and Glo. All you need is a yoga mat!

Yet another way to clear your mind is meditation. It helps you to stay calm, focus, and remain present in whatever you do. There are various online free apps, such as, Heartfulness that offer a daily practice of meditation.

6- Stay Connected

We are fortunate to live in a period in which technology makes it easy to stay connected with people we love. Call your grandparents and friends to stay in touch with each other.

Use WhatsApp, FaceTime, and Houseparty apps to chat about the good times you have had together. Stay connected with your office peers to discuss workflow and doubts. Have virtual meetings and conference calls using Zoom, Hangout, etc. Be more social in the most anti-social of times.

Final Thoughts

Above are some of the fun, productive, and wholesome ways to keep yourself busy that will make you feel better mentally and physically. Invest in personal growth and learning relevant skills that can help you maintain your confidence and motivation. Take this as real-time and get your life sorted out a little bit.

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6 Ways To Keep Yourself Busy During Lockdown

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